3 Reasons to Journal consistently

Today we are talking about the three reasons why journaling is super beneficial for us when we do it consistently.

You can even start that today… Hoorah!

The great thing about journaling is that it is a low-cost practice and all you need is a pen and paper.

I want to talk about journaling because I want to share my first ‘full and consistent’ journal with you…

There have been so many journals before this journal… half-written, not written.

Have you ever only partly written in a journal?

None of them were full, I had never gone the full mile with them. In fact, it has taken years to create a full practice.

The beginning of a consistent practice was not gradual for me. It was instant.

A week after I stopped drinking, writing became something of an outlet. A way to learn to process, even start a practice of letting go (still ongoing) and also as a way to understand who I am.

It is a little Bridget Jones’y

But over the years many emotions, feelings (including fears), eating patterns, business ideas, communication and family squabbles and resolutions have been written in lots of books.

There are piles of them.


They are now a source of help. A place I can go back and find what I need. On any day, I am in need of my own advice.

Processing thought and feeling

When working with my clients on understanding how they are juggling life. I get them to write out how they feel to help them understand themselves even more too.

We start to understand what the mind is saying when we need to feel safe and loved. Our basic needs. By processing our thoughts we start to learn what is conditioned, how that can repeat itself as physical, emotional and spiritual cues and ultimately answers to let go.

3 POWERFUL benefits of journaling

The three great benefits of writing are so simple…

  1. It helps regulate health – By writing, we are learning about our physical, emotional and spriitual movements and patterns. Especially, when we experience aches and pains. These feelings can help us learn how to move forward, what directions we need to take and work out how we can change our health, life and work for the better. This creates a deeper sense of self awarness and connection with ourselves including mood around food too.
  2. Sleep – I mention this a lot. Quality of sleep in particular. Maybe you’re one of those people that wakes up during the night (roughly 3-5am). This can usually may happen if you have got a lot of things on your mind. Life, health, business goals, bills and family issues are know to keep us awake at night. However, it is a great time to journal during these times instead of turning on a screen or filling our mind with more information. Journaling allows for the brain get things out our head, like speaking to a friend. Note how your sleep was after.
  3. Helps you understand YOU – You are unique as you. A journal helps you understand this too. And as we learn what you patterns are, we learn how to self soothe ourselves and know our likes and dislikes. We even start to understand how our moods fluctuate like seasons, thus helping us navigate our work diaries a little differently. Maybe you delve further and start to objectively look at ourself and intergrate those parts we ignore for more positive changes.

And the future…

With a journal, we can look back on and reflect on just how far we have come. Remember, we are documenting a story, our story, of our path.

Who knows, it could become a book too!

Do you journal and what type of journal do you own?

Trina xx

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