Intuitive Card Reading 21-23 January

Tonight, I am creating a very small blog based on my intuitive storytelling card reading. My card readings are generalised and for entertainment purposes only. See disclaimer.

If you love this read, please do reach out via my services page for a planning session for health, life and business growth.

Today’s inside and out cards for the 21st to 23rdJanuary…

It looks like you are running on empty like you need to reserve your fuel or top up your reserves.

The chariot

Whether that’s through nutrition

Whether that’s through taking some rest

Especially in between all the stuff that you’re doing

This month is more about our basic needs and learning what our basic needs are, so we are able to communicate with others in our lives. Rather than blame them for our stuff.

You can direct that

You have the power to direct that

The Chariot creates direction, he is on top of a carriage guiding two horses.

He’s leading

He’s watching

He could be waiting to jump off at some point

It is going quite fast and he could take a breather, but I get that he is channeling his light and dark energies meaning. Time to go easy on yourself while sticking to your path. Call in help or some reinforcements.

The dark horse I feel is your shadow wanting you to step away from this growth path, the unknown is scary and it can be easier or tempting to take a different direction.

It is vital to guide and direct this… simplify your life. Clear your home. Get help. And soothe your inner child by taking time out. Yet being open to the journey ahead.

Take everything step by step, allow yourself some downtime and have fun. While developing and inner kindness in yourself.

For those that do want to step of this growth path, know you can get back on again at some point. But, I sense there’s resistance to let go and to keep growing.

Understand those basic needs of safety and love. The more safe you feel the more you will take the steps forward.

What do you need to feel safe and loved on this journey?

And on the outside Page of Swords

A girl,balancing on a sword while reading a book. The wind is circling around her but she stays in position.

It is like she has some balancing act going on with her thoughts in particular.

Is it time we balance our thoughts?

With this card, she has got some learning to do and has many ideas. But, shes got to balance her energies. As she could easily fall off the sword (or off balance).

I get this feeling we do not want to start from scratch, but rather than starting from scratch it is possibly time to stop resisting the rest. Because the rest helps with the balancing act and going easy on ourselves too.

Remember the basic need of feeling safe? How do you notice it and articulate what you need?

To watch the full reading press play below

Trina xx


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