Being patient with your amazing ideas

A barrage of ideas?

Do not be afraid to take time off social media to empty your thoughts other peoples ideas first.

Then ground (be present) and feel the formations of hose ideas come together.

The mind is expansive, it can take in 60,000 thoughts a day. Especially if we spend a lot of time on social media. Our brain is instantly taking information through all its senses including the eyes. It can make decisions even harder in our lives and work processes. Do you find that you cannot think sometimes after spending time some online platforms?

If you are a slow processor, like me, you may have come to the understanding that thought processing allows us to form our own ideas and conclusions around things we value and believe in.

Learning to be patient with yourself and your ideas helps…

1. Reduce inner frustration

2. Develops trust in your own ideas

3. Creates the focus and capacity to be productive without juggling everything.

Have you had any downloads or great ideas recently?

Trina xx

If you feel called to learn how to balance your health, life and business by working with me, book in for a package or VIP call here. Let’s see what I can be recommended for your journey.


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