The attitude of gratitude

The attitude of gratitude is not only free but has the power to change state, especially if life seems to be not going our way.

However, it is important to know, that there will be times when we do not feel thankful during times of total distress or even living in a negative bias (thinking the worst all the time) and that can take some time to get out of. Remember to go easy on yourself.

The attitude of gratitude is a really simple practise, and needs to be consistent to feel the full effects.

It starts by simply being grateful for what we have in our lives.

Our children

Our home

Our friends and family

I will be honest because it’s taken me quite a long time to really feel into gratitude and sometimes it can STILL be hard to feel gratitude when things pile up.

So, allow myself to chance to breathe, feel into my basic needs.

However, if I now see a flock of birds I know all is going to be OK… and a lot of the time, it is.

In the last year, I have started recognising that flip from despair to everything is going to be OK. But, this is after 4 years of practice.

Because life is beautiful and so abundant and everything… yes everything is possible. Miracles can happen. Maybe it does not feel like they happen 100% of the time and let us be realistic, sometimes they don’… but plenty of times miracles DO happen.

Practice makes… allows for mistakes and builds resilience

The brain is malleable, therefore it’s open to change. We can rewire its thinking from conditioning. With the right type of practice, we can change how we feel about things in terms of health, life and business.

As the brain rewires itself, we notice that the things we would usually panic about… losing a phone, some a small amount of money etc have the ability to become small issues in terms of our bigger priorities.

Gratitude can change feeling instantly, with practice

One of the three ways that gratitude changes our lives is that it can

Change how we feel instantly – It is true gratitude, eliminates negative feelings. Again, go easy on yourself if you do not feel it yet. We will not be positive all the time. But, as the brain rewires we will find that gratitude is easier to obtain for small problems and then bigger problems as we learn to gain a bigger trust in lives processes. It is still a journey for me!

Gives us hope for the future – It can help us see things can get better and remind us of how much we do have. Do you have hope for the future? Are you open to giving and receiving love? This means even putting out programs with love and be open for those amazing clients to come back to you. Also, reflect on how many times you have overcome something. Do you always overcome them? Could we be grateful for those moments? Some of these moments have moved us to where and who we are now. Which can give us hope for the future.

Helps us realize that some things are just things – I remember all the moments in the traffic jams, queuing up at the airport to go abroad or even one of the many times breaking down (while doing 80mph) in the middle of Spain with a small baby in tow. So many things going wrong but these moments were our lives changing direction. We got to go off the beaten track, but we met new people, visited the most amazing places and expanded our knowledge of the world.

Survival mode

When I say somethings are just things, it is like when we only have a little food (which we can still make a meal with) left in the house and we go into a panic even though the food shop is due the next day.

Because our thoughts can become triggered by lack, by tougher times and can blow things out of proportion. Why? For survival. Our body is built for survival. It stops us from being patient. Especially when we buy everything in an instant.

To recap, this is not an overnight process, yet it is a simple one, there will be trial and error, everything is not happy clappy, but it is available to you… today.

How does the attitude of gratitude work for you?

Trina xx

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