Intuitive card reading 28th – 31th January

This is such a powerful year and for today’s collective card reading, I am using the Lightseer’s Tarot (which I am not affiliated with at all). Remember this is generalised and for entertainment purposes only. Please read the disclaimer.

This is a two card reading… one for what is going on inside us (emotional, mental and spiritual) and how that resonates with our external life.

Inside: 8 of wands

What comes up straight away is ‘the need for speed’ and not in the way we think. Instead of trying to do it all at once… this is about making the right choices that will see you hoisted to bigger and better things.

This eight of wands is about 8 times the energy when you put your mind in the right direction.

If we think of the number eight as the infinite sign

What goes around comes around, meaning… what we put out, we get back

I sense many of you have been creating and divulging (with others) this centrepiece of life work. And you know it is starting to move forward, in fact, it is starting to take off

Gaining speed

Giving light

Giving joy

It is giving you hope for the future, yet deep down inside you are needed to navigate overwhelm. Time to look at how we start captivating and cultivating those basic needs.

And this month has been all about tuning into our basic needs. If you’re feeling anything other than enjoying the elation, then it’s time to tap into those basic needs of rest and bring back that kind of discipline.

This can mean simplifying your life which your inner compass is pulling you along to do.

Surrender to it, because sometimes it is the thoughts that are pulling us back. And you know that the negative thoughts have the capacity to keep you where you are… safe and warm.

It may be time to move forward and create a new safety net. Rinse and repeat. Each time you are going to keep moving forward bit by bit

Outside: 4 of Cups

Cups are all about emotions. How are you feeling about this time?

Because there could be some kind of mopiness, you know deep down that speed is picking up and the decisions you make aren’t like in the past. Yet, you may not materially feel you have reached a certain level.

On this card, this is a woman sitting and pondering. Hand under her chin… contemplating. She has some cups stacked up on the ground and they are all empty. I get the feeling, outside she may be too focused on what she doesn’t have or doesn’t know how to get it.

Yet, there’s a cup just behind her…

What resources and help do you have? How can you find the abundance?

To watch the full reading, press play below

Trina xx

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