Intuitive Card Reading 4th – 6th February

There is so much powerful energy at this time and this weekend reading today is really going to reflect that.

Remember, this is a generalised reading for entertainment purposes. Please read the disclaimer.

There may be something that you are taking time with, something that you have been procrastinating on. Something that you have been meaning to do for so long and now it is time to do something about it.

Something tells me, take smaller action steps and add a big dollop of self care.

After all, it is the year of the tiger! Take those smaller steps before you pounce!

There’s a lot of strength and a lot of wisdom in this year. This is also not the year to be messing about saying… I will wait until next year.

Because if we are going to do anything… this is THE year.

The year to overcome some fears

The year to move forward

The year to work through those stumbling blocks

Let’s start with your ard reading today…

Inside card

As a reminder, this is what is going on internally.





As usual, I will follow this up with an outside card, charting what is going on around you and how the inside card is reflected in your life or business.

Page of pentacles

Pentacles are all about your materialistic side, your life, your business coming up on the inside.

With this card, she’s firmly planted on the ground, deeply rooted. I sense that you are brimming full of ideas. So many are coming through for you to work on. That it may seem difficult to know the direction or which way to turn. Ground and sound out these ideas. You may have to park some, but there will be an inner pulling to stay on course with another. Focus on rooting that idea first… because…

Outside card

7 of cups

You are struggling to make a decision in your business I am sensing. There is a lot of noise and it is very easy to chase rather than feel out for a more aligned path. Your body is screaming at you! Can you feel it in your shoulders, your neck and even your head? It is easy to take another direction. But, you and I know your inner pull and where it is going. It is just that you have been burned in the past, and this is what is holding you back. A block.

A block that is hidden under hurt. It is going to require working with your body and creating smaller movements to build trust in you and your growth.

You are soooo close to giving yourself the space you need to bring in the abundance you desire (and spirit know is already here).

How do the cards connect?

You need to ground yourself in terms of making a decision, your mind (inside) needs to do a side step. Allowing for you to make that decision (in your life and business) based on your inner calling.

For the rest of the reading and the tips to ground your energies. Watch the youtube video below.

Trina xx

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