Are you second-guessing yourself?

Have you had an idea, maybe you have too many.

Maybe you don’t know where to go with it or which way to turn

You are even asking the universe for ALL the signs! And it sending you all the 111’s 222’s 333’s and everything else.

You feel like you are in a tug o war, going this way and that.

The one major thing you need right now is… to switch off social media and stop.

Life and love are in the surrender

That not knowing energy (or 7 of cups) symbols a great time to allow yourself the time to do nothing. Pause, put things down and let fate decide the next steps.

But, we cannot do that, no.

Especially if we want to control EVERYTHING

Ask yourself, do you want to keep doing the same thing everytime this happens?

If the answer is no, then… surrender to it

What will happen is here to benefit you and your life

Surrending or not taking action. Just stepping back from it all, allows you some free time to distance yourself from the problem to gift yourself some space.

Sounds odd, when I am not saying… keep pushing or keep taking action.

Because, you are not allowing whatever you are thinking about right now, to process. Instead, we are like a seeking missile. And we know that those things do… blow things up or out of the water. Rather than disarming and coming to a more lighter and healthy conclusion to everything.

Now, technology is not bad. But, it is a distraction from facing the truth. It can also stop us from feeling into our own answers, which can get clogged up by other peoples information. It can also trigger trauma where we become overactive and reactive rather than know we are safe and clear in our decisions.

Ultimately allowing you to tune into you.

Are you really resonating with this? Then it is time to book a call

Trina xx

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