Intuitive card reading February 11-13th 2022

So much is going on at the moment, that you may feel like you are being pulled to just stop and take a breather for a moment. Things may also feel a little icky and sticky, like trying to walk through treacle… so pause for a moment and a solution will come to get you through the goo.

This weekends inside out cards are ready for you. I will share part of the information here and you can watch the rest via the youtube channel. I am looking to build the youtube channel to my first 100 subscribers, so if you love this content, please do click through and subscribe. To add, do not forget to click the notifications button to see future videos and also like the video.

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The Inside Card – What we are thinking, feeling from within

The wheel of fortune – This is a beautiful card. A ‘yes’ card if you are looking to an answer to something.

You are balancing everything at this moment and you are probably making decisions about your life. These can be life changing decisions, something that is going to change your direction in someway.

With this, you may feel bound by something and I am guessing bound by your thoughts. And this may require you to be not just honest with yourself but equally honest with others. Especially, when it comes to what is going on in your life.

Honesty about what you want help with and making sure your needs are met.

Because this truthfulness is going to show you that you can create and get what you want if you communicate it clearly.

You are mastring that you are the creator of your world and recently… it may seem that you have been creating from fear in someway. And that will change with the honesty, it will give you the balance that you need.

And I guess that the problem may involve someone else. But, they will have their own issues. Speak with them clearly.

Does this resonate with you so far? Throw the dice I hear, it can be a gamble. But you are strong in your stance.

Whatever comes out, be open minded to all the possibilities and perspectives, because confusion may be high.

So, honesty, be open to outcomes and limit confusion using various tools that help create clarity.

Outside Card – You outer world

Page of swords – Swords all about our thoughts. Like the inside card, we are buried in thoughts but outside you may feel that you need to be growing more knowledge over this situation. Making sure that these ideas around this inner turmoil is worthwhile.

This situation that has come up could tip the balance of many things. And in this outer world you could be seen to be letting go. Whether it is letting go of people, places, words, thoughts, programs to find a new perspective over this outer situation.

You may need to read something or just speak to people to help you. Be around people, message them but equally listen and take a little space for yourself.

I am guessing this is about business in some way, some kind of attachment to it. Unable to let it go, so the information put out there can do it’s job.

Letting go of aspects of it, so it can move forward and flourish with ideas.

I feel a linking to your health too, doing something for your health that helps you gain a wider perspective… remember health can clear energy for focus, clarity and better sleep.

You may have been taught health from one way but, the way you have been taught may not be as dependable anymore…

I got the word sacrosanct – meaning when something cannot be changed.

However, you are ready to receive this new perspective over the situation, provided you use that throat chakra to get your answers.

Trina xx

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