3 Steps to unlocking your intuition

That first word that pops into your head when a question pops up on a screen, the body asking for the food it needs because it wants the nutrients, to the full on download of amazing ideas and businesses that propel your life forward.

We are not taught to listen to our intuition when we are younger. We are not taught to trust where it’s leading us…. to something bigger, better, brighter.

If only we truly knew we had all the answers all along our life would be how we want to live it.

We may that we have monkey chatter, we may be seeking one thing to the next due to the chatter. The chatter tells us we need to find something else or nothing at all, it can tell us things won’t work for us too. Anything to keep us safe and steer us off course.

However, our inner compass is calling loud…

Say, we want the health, that health that carries us through each business growth and scalability, but we do not know where to start and the same things we did do not seem to be working anymore.

Then it is time to follow our intuition and go with it.

How do you follow your intuition?

1. Listen to the chatter through drawing/painting/writing or speaking… what is it saying? What do you need to face? And what do you really need?

2. Sit outside, allow the energy built up in our home to be released outside.

3. Trust… this can feel hard. Especially, when you’ve been hurt, lied to, and downtrodden. Learning to trust again is key to knowing everything is going to be ok.

Great businesses built on that ‘idea’ or download.

And as the intuition comes in with step by step instructions, follow them like pieces of bread, implement each one and watch the results come in.

Do you follow your intuition?

Trina xx


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