Is fear an excuse for holding myself back anymore?

I have been making excuses and telling myself lies… ooosh!

It happens in health, life and business

The stuff we do not do can be hidden under a pile of lies.

Gaslighting ourselves and yes I have gaslit myself, many many times.

And once I realised it, I continued to do it for quite some time, until my body literally broke. I would say, that’s when everything changed. Some of it was sharp changes, the rest… gradual.

Lie one – I told myself no one would read my writing. So, I wrote inconsistently for years.

Lie two – A few years ago, I duped myself into thinking my money situation was ok and it seriously wasn’t.

Lie three – I stopped myself from putting out a powerful program because it needed to be perfect. Funnily enough, I did the same as a PT…

Each time I was scared, yet each time, I was deceiving myself.

If this sounds like you and you have had this encounter with self deception, then you will understand the need to be realistic with yourself. This is NOT about, think and it will appear. We are great at that bit. This is the ‘time to take aligned action’ segment. Especially on the stuff, we are putting off. The stuff that we are talking ourselves out of doing, like sorting the accounts, sharing the programs with favourite clients, expanding our network.

If we want something, we have to grow it…

Same with health

Same with life

Same with business

It’s only ourselves who can make decisions for each of the above and there is help… a ton of it if we are honest and ask clearly.

To take that action we must

Realise that some of what we are going through are actually fear-based and our body is reacting to it, this can be through either freezing, flight (running away, distracted), or even fighting (getting angry… nope, not doing that)

Knowing how you work weekly, monthly (and even yearly) helps us start the process of living a more harmonious life. Where we are working with our own fluctuations to grow and flourish as our beautiful selves.

Lying to ourselves is easy, but admitting it is the hard part and I still catch myself out. However, I know it is all part of the journey as a human.

Trina xx

I am hosting a powerful in-person workshop, helping you understand and work with your energy cycles. I invite you to join me and ten likeminded women in the Lincolnshire UK countryside for an energy clearing event to help you step up with love. If this sounds like what you need, click here


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