The practical ways to look after your body in 2022

Is your body trying to communicate with you a little more in 2022

Maybe, it is feeling more sensitive to certain things and you find yourself saying. This isn’t suiting me anymore.

If this sounds like you, right at this moment, then you are in the right place to discover three practical ways you can look after your body in 2022.

I feel this year in particular is going to be very important in terms of viewing ourselves as a whole package in terms of mind, body and soul.

For some of you, this may not be the year of eating less, moving more. Instead, you might find yourself turning to the opposite or even realising you need something completely different when doing the inner work to understand just how your body works. And this can literally change the way you look after yourself in years to some.

Practical ways to look after your body in 2022

Listen to you – Yes, stop ignoring you. It is time to listen to you. Your body is talking and it needs to speak with you. It may be that things are getting worse and now your body is saying. Hey! Listen to me. Take small steps, this is not an overnight job. You are amazing.

Gift yourself some extra tender care – Go easy on yourself, cut yourself some slack. This process of listening can have us beating ourselves up. Gift yourself oodles of love. It can feel like taking the rough with the smooth at times. But, you have got this, small step by small step.

Rest more – With all this growth, rest is needed. Growth can trigger trauma which can take away energy physically. Think about taking time to relax and soothe your soul. Do you need to switch off to allow your mind to process everything?

Simplify everything – Whatever is mentally taxing, let it go. Clear email folders, remove old clothing, sort the little jobs in your home, streamline your work… put in the foundations. Even better ask people to help you with some of it. Doing tasks like this will create space in your life. Do you need to declutter?

Emotions come and go (and it is part of being human) – anger, rage, sadness, happiness, euphoria are all emotions that we can go through in short spaces of time. They are perfectly valid and all part of being human. This bit isn’t for everyone, granted. But, for those, this is for… Have you allowed yourself to feel them? Or even wanted to track them?

Understanding yourself and creating an energy cycle

Have you ever thought about creating an energy cycle? A process where you track your fluctuations to help you move forward with ease.

This is a powerful process to help you to understand yourself by deepening your intuition to find a harmonious balance between dark and light, masculine and feminine energies.

Does this sound like something you need?

If you have said yes, then it is time to get in touch here

Trina xx

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