Intuitive Card Reading February 18th-20th

The sunlight shining for this reading, so much so, I feel like I am in a tropical country!

However, a storm is brewing here in the UK yet it is lovely inside at this moment.

This reading is going to be energetically beautiful, I can feel it already. So we start with our introspective card and follow that with our external card. Remember, all readings are intuitive and for entertainment purposes.

Inside card

Knight of Cups – I am guessing that certain situations have been hard on your emotions. Maybe you are finding it hard to relax inside. Always overthinking and possibly doing many things. This can be something that needs resolving or it is resolved but you are still pondering whether there is more you can do. I get that you are afraid to take a little rest and feel a little bit on edge. It is OK to pause and align with your cause. There is something saying that you need to take time to process your thoughts right now, so this is about ‘allowing’ a key word here. When was the last time you allowed yourself some timeout? Allowed yourself to ask for monies owed? Whatabout even allowing yourself after all the doing to let your hair down and relax your muscles after all this growth? It is saying that you know deep down this helps you with your business and life. Because the issue you are trying to process (or the courage you are looking for) is behind your achievements and moving further ahead than before. So, what are you processing at this moment? What is it that you need to escape feeling guilty over? Slow down and allow a solution to come to you, rather than seeking it. With the solution, comes the chance to take aligned action to move those goals forward.

Outside card

Six of Pentacles – You have got this! Everything you are asking for will show up when you cut yourself and others some slack. Because, on the outside, it seems like you may be chasing for something, whether it is better health, life or a money in a business. You are creating to have time for these things and I feel this all comes down to your worth not just in business but with how we treat ourselves. Whatever you are creating, seems to have monetary value behind it, and you need to put this out there. It can feel like you are give giving a lot, so you need to make sure you are worthy to recieve too… whether that is monetary, praise or help? Asking for those things, and using that voice to do so.

Receiving love from the ‘knight of cups’ inside card can mean the courage to create boundaries, the courage to grab rest, the courage to invest in you or your business and the courage to ask for your monetary worth. Which its pertectly with the the 6 of pentacles card… now go create that harmonious balance.

Trina xx

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