Struggling to make a decision?

Recently, I wore my little black jacket, in fact… I tried it on for size

Something, which rings true in any area of life about decision making.

It can be quite hard trying to make a decision, we may have so much choice that this can cause mental confusion. What if we make the wrong decision?

How do you know it is going to turn out OK? You don’t know what’s going to happen when you make that decision. And it is that ‘unknown’ which keeps us stuck from making the decision.

It can be scary, especially if it is a BIG decision.

Even smaller decisions can feel like a pain… such as… what will I eat at a restaurant? What if that person orders something better, and I do not like this meal??

Decisions and too much choice can cause unwanted anxiety.

Let’s forget the meal for a moment and think of a big decision in your life because someone taught me something very unique. Something that I have never forgotten.

And that was to ‘try the jacket on for size’

Meaning ‘test the ‘problem’ out’

Ok, you are not going to go and quit your job or end your marriage. No.

We are going to pretend that whatever we are truly focused on, we pretend to make a decision about it. The decision we are most scared of. Play with that decision, pretend it has happened.

See how it feels for you, by doing this you are not making a decision but you are seeing how it is felt and allowing the universe to do its job… help you come to a conclusion.

Why? Because you are not focused on the outcome, you are not mulling it over. You have made a decision in your mind and you are carrying on with your day.

The conclusion?

Well, sometimes we’re may not be ready to fully commit to a decision and sometimes we are, sometimes we are meant to do that thing and sometimes it isn’t the right thing for us.

I “quit” my studies

One night (while swimming) in December 2020 I decided that I was quitting my study. That was it. I made a decision, I had a cry because I had worked so hard to get to this point and let go.

I swam some more and started living my life without my studying and that evening told a couple of friends that I had quit.

However, over the next few days, I realised I had a test due in. I had already made my imaginary decision and now it was time for a real one.

‘Dear Universe, if I fail this test then I will message my uni and officially resign from the study.’

It felt good quitting… it took the pressure off. But, deep down I also loved studying but felt I was below average when it came down to it.

I got close to 100% on the test! I wasn’t rubbish… I had trouble taking in the information and was scared of not being good enough.

I do this with my studies (when they get really hard) or I cannot focus… ALL the time. I feel like quitting on me. So, I am having to work through it as I can easily make myself overwhelmed.

And this imaginary technique gives such a great insight into whether we need to let go or not.

Are you still struggling to make a decision?

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