Intuitive card reading 25th-27th February 2022

This reading is for entertainment purposes only and is a generalised card reading for the collective and may not resonate with everyone.

This is also an inside/out carding reading, looking at what is going on internally and externally for the weekend.

The cards used are Chris Anne’s Lighter Seers Tarot from Hay House, I am not an affiliate.

I do love doing inside out card readings, so let’s start as there are a lot of energies circulating at the moment. Some deep energies.

Inside card

The Hermit – Introspectively we are being called to look within. There are some big growth spurts for everyone. We are being called to take our time as it can feel a little brutal and bruising for us all. In business, many of us are being called to uplevel, speak, write, go global, create events from what would feel like a small fry position. You have a stage right now and people need your expertise, your skills and your experience. In life, we are being called to go within and deal with our triggers, because these are the triggers that can see us amazing people, turn rogue in the right conditions and with the right words from people of influence. This hermit card is asking you to tap into a higher power and ask what would my future self do. Meditate, sleep, relax and calm. Spend this time just for yourself. This is not selfish, this is vital for your health and your mindset right now. The energy from this card is to help your growth process and give you the strength to show up, but first, you must show up for yourself and your health. If you are worried about a problem with your body, now is the time to see a professional. There is no more ignoring you, nor your relationships. If you can… switch off your screens, go in nature and get some sleep as it will help you with this process… which leads brilliantly to our next card…

Outside card

Nine of swords – Swords are all about your thoughts and with this card. Your thoughts have been pretty overcrowded with a lot of stuff that is out of your control in all aspects of your life. There is a lot of death and endings. But, I sense not literally, more of certain behaviour patterns, the way we do things, such as our usual reactions to events.. anger, anxiety, helplessness. Certainly an ending to your limitations in some way. On this card (watch the video below) you can see a girl crouched down next to a pillow you can see a bedstead, above her are many ravens/crows and one white bird (I feel a signal of hope). Your sleep seems to have been erratic if you haven’t been fully switching off beforehand. But, I am going to share with you… the better the sleep, the better our thoughts. It is not rocket science and we know it but we are not doing it. These simple techniques are literally calling you at this moment and many of you have been ignoring them… if you are asking for the answers… you are being shown, many are free. It is time to stop dabbling and go all-in on something that allows you to feel better in yourself for this uplevel.

As much as you can read the blogs, you have all the answers within you…

Are you feeling the growth?

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