The benefits of less distractions

Have you been a little bit distracted recently? We can all become distracted at some point or another in our lives.

However, you may feel that it is time to learn to minimalise those distractions, especially if we are already committed and disciplined people.

Because, committed and disciplined people can be distracted in other areas of our lives, such as health.

We live in a day and age where we can turn on the internet for 5 minutes and 2 hours later we still haven’t got anything done.

There is lots of stuff on social media, and we can keep filling our minds with it as we seek direction, clarification and focus.

And what we are putting off is part of our uplevel, it is connected to the whole kit and kaboodle.

This is where procrastination comes in…


Procrastination for many people is fear, it is NOT lazy as many people say. It is actually our internal nervous system detecting a threat and alerting us to the possibility of an attack.

Whether that attack is to be shouted at, hit or even silenced.

We can tell ourselves words, such as…

  • I can’t do it, I never get anything right
  • I do not deserve this
  • Someone else can do this better than me

All in an attempt to distance ourselves from the fear fears we did not know still exist.

I remember releasing energy one night after a day of filming videos for social media, it just came up in the biggest of waves…

“I feel like they are going to kick my head in.”

These are the things that have come up not for just me, but for others. I never underestimate the language that is needed for each person I deal with. Some clients need loving directness (which comes from years of PT training) and others need understanding and to be heard.

Everyone’s inner child is different.

We are dealing with our inner children.

The longer we put things off…

It is true with attractions, the longer we put things off, the bigger they get. So, we do have to navigate that whether it is in health, life and/or business.

Money is a BIG one, learning to deal with it, call it in and grow it can trigger anyone. It does not matter where we are on our path, we can still find ourselves hiding.

Because whatever is going on in all areas of our lives is flagging up within our business and is the next step to our uplevel.

Facing is hard but well worth it

Is it time to face something? Maybe you are ready to face your purpose, your money, your health or your relationships.

And here are 3 Benefits Creating Lesser Distractions has for you and your business

  1. Get more stuff done – What is not to love! Do you remember the last time everything was done? How did that feel? Getting all your tasks done that lead to business growth, will give you the confidence and physical relaxation you have been craving.
  2. Less resistance – You learn to understand your blockages, and resistances and how to deal with them. You can tap into your highest version of yourself, rather than being led elsewhere. Is it time to lead your life, as well as your business?
  3. Learn structure – Structure and plans give us the foundational footing in any area of our life. By, structuring your social media usage and anything else that is draining time or energy will give you better focus and clarity. Journal it.

Whatever you decide to do, it may feel like you are stretching yourself and that’s ok because as humans we need a little stretching to move us in the right direction as you climb higher on that ladder of success.

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Trina xx

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