Intuitive card reading 4th-6th March

Welcome to this weekends card reading!

Remember all card readings are generalised and purely for entertainment.

Can you FEEL all the energies? All those emotions?

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the world but not just in the world… in our own internal world too.

At this moment in time, the energies may feel really rough and, as the collective energy rises we may be feeling it… just a little bit.

The energies are so powerful many cards were flying jumping out of my pack.

Inside card

Today’s internal card is the

7 of wands — Wands are all about creativity and what we do. Internally we can feel like everyone is pointing their wands at us. It may be time for a little deflection. It can be very hard, but try and protect your boundaries and that inner light. Within this card, you can see a woman in her bubble/crystal ball. Her face is not looking at all the wands pointing at her. Because in all the wands pointing, whether that is criticisms or anything that causes a trigger. Make sure you still keep showing up for your creations! Because not everyone is going to resonate with you and your light may be fiercely bright for them. This can mean people drop off the face of the earth. It is time for you to show up in your world, regardless. A little word of warning, even though someone’s inner turmoil isn’t anything to do with us… but it can mirror something playing out in our own energy, so have a little check and clear it out. The song came through… Let it go, let it go!!…and heal that heart energy.

The outside card

Your outer life is in the 10 of swords this weekend.

And what this resembles is that you are moving or walking away from things. Working with the inside card will see you stop holding yourself back and moving through procrastination. You are walking towards the light and becoming a leader in your field. Whatever that is for you. You are dropping all the being too much and remembering… those wands do not pay your bills. You do.

And in your life, you will see yourself creating external boundaries, whether that is limiting your time in certain places or with certain people.

You will be able to move along this path, but you may have to face those internal triggers and see that they could be other peoples’ internal workings too. We are all human.

However, what will come through is greater clarity, better focus and a more key direction. There will be more discipline in areas that you never felt was possible, but please do hold on to this. Remember, those internal triggers are the things that create the inside war that hold us back…

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