Intuitive card reading 11th-13th March

I have been really excited about this weekend’s reading.

This is a two card reading if you are joining this blog for the first time. The reading is read intuitively and is a generalised reading.

I focus on the inside out approach – The inside is whatever is happening within. The outside reflects our external life.

I sense there may be some physical issues for a few of you, could be shoulder, neck or chest based. I am not a doctor, so if you need to see someone, see them.

The issues could be related to putting a lot of pressure on yourself, maybe you have been pushing really hard in business or in your life. I sense this is business related.

It seems that the body is giving signals, as it seems like you have been neglecting yourself.

Inside card

Strength – As I turn the card over… I see that you need strength and it’s vital at this moment in time, however, you find that you’re quite depleted and may not have the mental strength to catch a break. Are you really giving yourself enough give and take?

What do I mean is by this?

You are doing all the giving but are you actually receiving the benefits?

You have been guided to put something out, which requires you to take the aligned action, to which you have, but you need to let go and receive the love coming in.

This card shows a woman half sheep, half lion… that masculine (taking action/pro active) energy vs the feminine (more vulnerable, reflective) state.

Ask yourself and be honest… how do I feel deep down when I have done the work but can’t stop?

Outside card

Hermit -Externally, you need to look after yourself, cut yourself enough slack. Yes, you can be productive but are you doing the tasks to help you reflect or process the work you have done?

Maybe you need to structure some time out for yourself, embrace space for yourself. Get away from everything and everyone, or create an area in your home to be along with yourself. Retreat by yourself perhaps.

Yes, we need inner connection, but we also need a connection to ourselves. And this could look like…

Taking time to meditate

Going away on breaks

Watch the rest of the video here.

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