Signs we are gaslighting ourselves in health while growing a business

If you are easily triggered, I would say that this blog is not for you. Please read my blog on triggers. This blog will be talking about health. I do not speak about deep seated eating disorders, so please see a specialist in this case.

Also, this will not be for everyone.

This blog is for businesswomen who understand their mindset and are READY for the vibrational health that supports their rapid business growth.

Let’s just get to the nitty-gritty of this blog, because we can all gaslight ourselves. I know that I can be more than capable of doing so in various aspects of my life

Gaslighting ourselves is what we do when we know deep down that something isn’t right while we are telling ourselves the situation is ok. We push away the fact that it is not ok, even though we display symptoms of physical, emotional and spiritual distress. This is a signal from deep within that change is needed.

We know better!! But, our narrative doesn’t.

Our narrative is there to keep us safe, safe from being seen, safe from attack, safe from accessing a new identity.

Now, this is NOT to upset, it is to start objectively looking at what we are doing to ourselves as this is one of the things that comes up when people ask me about breaking eating patterns. Because when my clients tune into themselves and are asked to listen in, they are faced with what their body needs to not only take them to the next level in business, but soothe communication within themselves, their relationships and lessen stress.

As we upgrade our nutrition, our gut alerts us to what is connected to letting go of stress, anxiety and more. It is our body’s way of saying, I do not like that… even though we once loved it.

The amazing thing is, we have a choice to listen and chance to practice.

Signs we are gaslighting ourselves when it comes to health

Before I give each one, I want to say… that there is nothing, I repeat nothing wrong with us. These are many of the ways we act as human beings. We are capable of ALL behaviours known to man and it is to love each aspect of ourselves that we perceive as good and not so good. Why? Because when we can accept ourselves, we heal many aspects of ourselves.

  1. Noting the lies – Yes, we can lie to ourselves. Especially when foods are no longer in agreement with our physicality and ‘we know’ in our subconscious that they are affecting us. We can tell ourselves, it is OK, while it is not. We may say it is something else and divert ourselves away from the truth. Is it time to be aware with love? Because what we may be doing is…
  2. Dodging the truth – Facing the truth, means not running away from our health. Our health can throw up things that we may not feel comfortable about changing. It can be wrapped up in not so great memories. We can fight or flight. We can end up burying our head, hoping it will go away… even though we are leaders of our lives. Face with love
  3. See the mirror – we want to be respected and taken seriously, right? Are we doing that with our health. Be honest. So, when we have mirrors of people letting us down and coming into our lives with ‘seeker energy’ people who cannot make decisions, and not respecting our programs. This is a good moment to look inside and ask our body… Where do you need respect? Allow her to tell you. See and listen with love.

Did you feel this today and in what way?

Trina xx

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