The truth about listening to your body

I do speak ALOT about listening to your body and trusting your body.

However, it’s a lot more than just listening to it. It’s about being aware of what is an old pattern and what’s new.

The body is habitual, meaning that it can be stuck in its own ways in terms of movement and nutrition.

Try giving up your phone and see how many times you will pick it up. It’s used to having certain traits and patterns.

That’s why when you give up the phone, switch off social media or even start intuitive eating to aid your physical and emotional wellbeing there needs to be a degree of structure, patience and some objective fun in creating new behaviour and movement.

This structure comes in

⁃ Awareness of the situation

⁃ Acceptance of the facts

-Acknowledge that something needs to be done

⁃ Action the process

-Allow yourself to let the magic happen

Yes, it sounds simple, but it also can be hard, because we can get in our own way and suppress the emotions around this.

A simple tip is to journal effectively. Having an effective journal will help you establish…

-Energy Cycles – Learn when and how your energy can work for you and your business

⁃ Mood and Food Patterns – Understand which foods are the greatest benefit to your body and your physical energy.

⁃ Monthly cycles – Create the ultimate work calendar that honours how you feel at various points in the month

⁃ Know what your body, mind and soul needs – Navigate what is cropping up in your body and pinpoint where it is happening in your life.

⁃ Repeating moments – Deal with ‘de ja vu’ moments once and for all, changing the trajectory of your life forever.

Finally, remember, we have a choice to take time out to receive intuitive guidance over our inner happiness. Love to know more about working with me? Here are 4 ways…

Trina xx


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