Intuitive card reading 18th-20th March

I forgot to post this out yesterday, thank everyone who’s watched and supported the blog/channel so far.

I will be reading from the light seer’s tarot by Chris-Anne, in which I am not an affiliate.

This is an inside/out card reading, meaning I read what we are to move through on the inside to achieve the outside.

Inside card

Seven of cups – is all about emotions and how we deal with them, because on the inside you may be struggling to make a decision. You seem to feel very indecisive about something and do not know what to do for the best. This can bring up a lot of emotions, especially if y=we have been chaotically busy. You’ve got a lot of stuff going on. We may be susceptible to being triggered by something, or a ‘need’ of something and this ‘need’ has the ability to pull us into a panic. So much so, you may find it difficult to make a decision on something. You probably know, the universe loves decision making, however, you have a childhood memory that is triggering a nervous system reaction over making a decision. ever had to make a decision fast as a child? How did that feel? This feeling has not been forgotten as an adult for some of you.

Outside card

Page of cups – On the outside, you have ALL the ideas. Maybe you have programs, maybe a lot of things in your life are coming at you at once. There is a lot of ‘blue sky’ thinking, which is OK, but you need to voice it, ground it and find some structure. Again, this can feel very emotional on the outside too. Not just with the indecisive 7 of cups energy. You do not want to get it wrong, because you have done it in the past. And these past memories have the ability to stop creating the programs and relationships that are beneficial to you. To do this, to stop this inner confusion that is affecting the landing of this work/easing of life problem, you may feel a need for space. Yes, time for yourself. It sounds counter productive but deep down you need to process these feelings, should this FEEL right for you. Btw, my readings are not for everyone. Do you feel this reading? Because, you may feel that when you do not process these feelings, you fall prey to magpie energy… or ‘seeker energy’… looking, searching and seeking for things that are far away from where we are going.

With it being a Virgo moon, a little discipline and structure are needed. Virgo is ruled by mercury, which is a need for communication, getting everything in order, checking things over. Take your time (and the space) to make decisions that are beneficial for your growth.

Watch the rest of this weekend’s reading and see the cards via the youtube channel below. Remember to hit the like button, subscribe and click the notifications bell.

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Trina xx


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