Life does NOT always go to plan…

As MUCH as we want things to go to play, the universe shows us that not all is perfect.

As MUCH as it was a Virgo moon (calling the need for structure), our ‘plans’ went out the window.

Yesterday I allowed myself to be led and guided by the universe, something I do with my clients a lot.

However, as much as I can be led and go with the flow… I do LOVE structure and control. Controlling the situation… when all I could do was, go with their flow.

Because my structure of when everything ‘should’ take place became a more relaxed affair. It became a calming space for people to stand up, be open and have their say, it became a safe space to release, it became a playful space for people to voice and express the feelings held within their body… most of all it became the place to form new friendships and let go of old ones.

And the spring Equinox truly delivered

I personally found spiritual work quite hard to begin, I always worried about people’s judgements 4 years ago. Over the past few years, I have realised that I have a gift… (we all have gifts) gifts to be shared and not hidden from others. That gift has enabled businesswomen to step into their own gifts and allow their health and body to vibrationally rise for the occasion.

I am no longer scared of this ever flowing gift… the gift of connecting to angels, the gift of foresight, the gift of seeing and knowing, the gift of feeling and sensing, the gift of articulating and the gift of believing.

The messages shared with these women are truly powerful words for they are READY for their physical body to vibrationally support the next steps of their rapid business growth.

This journey is FAR from perfect… it is beautifully imperfect, as are you.

Trina – From The Energy Cycle Experience

Are you stepping up to the next level in business? Want your health can vibrationally support your rapid growth without the stress? Talk to Trina here


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