How timeout is a chance to get back on the saddle… being consistent

This was supposed to be posted Wednesday, but instead, I took a little time out. Did I feel or worry about being consistent? Of course, I did… I worried and panicked a little inside.

What if I lose my momentum?

What if I am letting myself down?

What if the blog loses followers?

Surely, it is not just my mindset that has that little inner dialect.

We know logically, life happens, things get in the way, it is OK to take a break. But, equally even as a coach, we can still feel internal pressure to put many expectations on ourselves.

This can lead to some great healing, maybe a memory from childhood, a memory held in our shoulders and neck… not our expectation but another person’s beliefs of what we ‘should’ do or be expected to do.

These expectations can be carried into not just our lives but our business. And most certainly our physical health… in fact ALL aspects of our lives.

We can end up beating ourselves up when we skip a day of consistent practice or promise to ourselves. However, this can trigger us to take even longer to show up for it.

It is OK to skip a day or two or a week.

The next crucial bit is to jump back in… or get back on the saddle.

So, here I am! Getting back on that saddle… this is true consistency… it actually getting up each time.

It’s like being consistently healthy with food… that could be 80% clean and 20% leeway. STILL consistent, still getting back on that saddle.

And, high vibrational health works just like that, taking that time to nurture your body to support your business growth.

Hence, that is why in this weeks video I was not polished, I was relaxed and chilled. There taking some time out for me after The Energy Cycle Experience.

Because, it is in that act of self-love do we find the imperfections, the stuff that we are trying to run from. By, no way am I coach of the year, yet I am an awesome coach. By, no way, am I fully booked but I have the most wonderful clients and a job that makes my heart sing.

And it is after energy work like this, I seriously struggled to take the time out. Especially, if I had a lot of things going on. I’d feel shame or guilt for doing so, but that only saw me succumb to stress and even worse… months of burnout.

My body was breaking, and because of that… I face those deeper feelings and take those moments.

I am NOT saying I am not busy… my gosh I have and could think of many things I could do, especially when having 3 kids. But, I have started to not be sooooo god damn PERFECT at everything and admit when something is a struggle. In fact, I do things 7/10, otherwise, they would NEVER… yes NEVER get done.

Because again, I know how prone I’d be to worrying about it.

So, here we are… making sure we get back on that saddle, even if it is slowly… even if it is sat in a sunny garden or in the office on a rainy day.

Done is BETTER than none.

Because when you are desperate for a break and NEED one… take it

You can hear about WHY timeout is an act of #selflove for me and can be for others too

Trina xx

Watch now, and hit me up in the comments… I promise to reply personally


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