Intuitive Card Reading 25th-27th March

Are you READY? This is a powerful reading for businesswomen who want to vibrationally raise their health to support rapid business growth.

This week may have felt like one massive expansion for many of us.

Maybe you are forgetting stuff, you know that is OKAY to put things to oneside just while you recalibrate. There might have been a lot of confusion too, and this has been felt by the body on the inside… like a trigger.

So, let’s sink into this week’s card reading…

Remember this is a generalised inside/out card reading and is for entertainment purposes only.

There is a special EXTRA card for you today… An overall card

The magician! This one popped out to tell you that you’re doing amazing and what’s happening right now is something you are creating. It does not matter if a few things go wrong… as you are going in the right direction. You will be able to pull it back and everything will be OK!

You will create sooo many magic wonders happening for you right now. Some really big things. You may have a big opportunity to grasp. Go for it!

Inside card

For your internal card, we are working with…

The moon – It requires you to be very introspective and may even bring up some shadow aspects. The parts that we don’t particularly like and that’s okay. Why? Because we are human at the end of the day and capable of every single emotion we’re capable of anger, we’re capable of animosity, frustration, we’re capable of feeling jealousy, we’re capable of all these things and sometimes we kind of like dodge them rather than facing them. Especially, around taking time out, this is not about suppressing but allowing our emotions to rise so we can reflect and release them. Learning the ebbs and flow of these light and dark energies. It is going to feel like you are underwater and trying to catch your breath, it may feel like you are dying somehow… our identity maybe? You are changing, regenerating… a lot of out with the old and in with the new. These feelings will be great for creating your posts because many people will resonate with them in your business.

This introspective feeling will produce a feeling on the outside…

The Outside card

5 of Cups – Emotionally, it may seem like some pity party. That while life is great… we can forget that due to one aspect. This can have us sink into an ‘OH woah is me’ phase. Especially if you have everything going on all at once. Keep remembering you are human and you may need focus.

On this card (watch the video) You can see a lady sitting next to a hole with her cup knocked over into the ground. However, she has another cup full of colour and light. But, she is too focused on the hole… or the ‘rabbit hole’.

What may be happening, is that we are focusing too much on the rabbit hole and forgetting the goodness around us. That can be easy to do, however… stay there too long and we can sink into depression. It is time to pay attention to the full cup of brighter emotions. This is NOT to ignore the lower feelings, remember if you feel you are there in the hole for too long… then it may be time to get out. This could be talking to friends or a therapist, it could be finding community walking groups or if you are uplevelling… finding yourself a coach.

Because as much as we want to go down deep, we can feel stuck. This is something that sometimes happens with healing, we want to know what is wrong with us… when really there is NOTHING! And we are on a lifelong healing journey, where things need sorting at the right time… meaning we do not need to dig at them.

You will know when is right to come out of it for you… you need to feel for it.

Remember the great cup of bright emotions, happiness, laughter and fun. When did you last have fun? So, as you become introspective and reflective (The moon card) allow yourself to feel but remember when you find a solution to come back, even if slowly.

Overall – By reflecting and recognising our shadowy elements may make our external life seem not as bright. We can end up wallowing… however, learn to move on once you have let go, as The magician will help you conjure up the creativity and manifest the best things.

Love to hear your thoughts about this week’s reading, what has been coming up for you? And I will look forward to our conversation.

Trina xx

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