How time out is an act of self love

Timeout to me is NOT going away with the girlfriends, although that is amazing…

It does NOT mean going away with the family, although this is brilliant.

It is having time to oneself. YES! It is more than OK to have time to oneself.

It is OK to go away by yourself, do things on your own… without being told where you can and can’t go. Having to delegate what you do.

I remember the first time I went on a proper holiday on my own, it was in May 2000… I was 19 years old. It was my first time on a plane, my first time out of the country and my first time experiencing a brand new culture.

The only holiday I had ever been on was to U.K. holiday sites Ingoldmells and Skegness. So this was a little daunting…

But, do you know what, I was like a child experiencing life for the first time…

The nighttime flight with all the twinkling lights over the city and towns… the mountains that were actually clouds… was I that high up? Yes, I WAS THAT HIGH UP! In the beautiful sky.

And when I opened my curtains the next day to see this clear blue sky and the bluest of blue seas (I’d only experienced a cold brown north sea), I just could not believe my eyes…

I STILL to this day remember that time, but what REALLY stood out the most was a conversation I had with an older female holidaymaker…

‘I wish I could do what you are doing.’

Followed by ‘I have to go where my boyfriend and friends choose to go.’ and ‘I’d much prefer to stay here.’

Do you ever remember important conversations like this?

I do, this one sticks out to me, purely because of the context, when we go away with others… sure… we are able to do things by ourselves and go off wherever we want. Yet, we are never fully alone for a few days to explore and be able to process more important things in our lives.

One of the things I get from being alone is a chance to discover, who I am.

And in last week’s video, you can see that I STILL spend time going away by myself so I can think, explore and do more.

Nothing has changed… OK, I am not 19, going to parties and wandering around pubs and clubs. Although, that might be pretty fun.

What I do know is this…

Proper time away from everyone, gives us chance to reconnect with our true selves. It helps us work through things…

But, the best thing is… that it helps us learn to have FUN again… maybe ride a bike at full speed, swim in the sea, meet some strangers or just… catch up on some tv movie or sleep!

Whatever you decide, you have the FREEDOM to choose.

Has any of this resonated with you? Hit me up in the comments, and I will reply.

Trina xx

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6 thoughts on “How time out is an act of self love

  1. Agreed! Time alone is very therapeutic ❤️

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    1. It totally is! I see you have a travel blog. Do you take plenty of time out? 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I try to, I have been working a lot the past few years what with lockdown and everything so this year is the year I get back out there! 😎☀🌴🌊 x

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I hear you! Cannot wait to hear more about your travels! What do you do? P.S. If I do not reply straight away, its because me and the boys are housesitting for the easter break x

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      3. Sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification oops! I actually work three jobs at the moment, I was working four but it was too much. I have a bit of a mix really, mostly in farming but my main profession and what I want to pursue is dog grooming 🙂 What about you?
        Hope you have a lovely Easter x

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      4. No worries! For me, I coach self love for stressed out businesswomen through reconnecting the physical, with mindset and spiritual healing as my main profession. I tune into the energy of my clients and write for small businesses… press releases, posts etc, I also write for a prestigious global coaching magazine, a local publication and interview celebs visiting where I live. Finally, I build websites for women who just do not have the time while slowly working through a degree.
        I do not blame you for dropping the 4th job. That must’ve been tiring.
        Oh wow! And farming, what is that like?
        Did you set up anything in dog grooming yet?
        Love dogs 🐶
        Do you have dogs Emily?

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