Intuitive card reading 1st-3rd April

Hello! I am back with a one card reading for the weekend.

Not the usual… inside out. But, just a hit it straight in the jugler… or shoot straight from the hip…

And it is a POWERFUL one this weekend…

The devil…

The devil isn’t an awful card, no.

For this time it is letting go of all those thoughts in your mind. Noticing what is yours and what is not.

Giving LOVE to them.

You are you…. ALL parts of you.

Do you (or can you) accept parts of yourself that you wish to hide? You may find that once to accept how you feel you are able to let go and move on.

This is about who you are going to be and where you are going in this present moment.

You may have to call on the universe for help in either cutting cords or letting go of these triggers… possibly in a spiritual way or coming to terms with something.

Whatever you need to do, however, these are invisible chords are cut… you may see things literally drop out of your life or could see you walking away from emotional trauma. Things that are creating havoc not just in the mind but in the body too.

As you let go of these thoughts or even start the process you may all of a sudden find the influx of energy you desire to create give you a newfound sense of freedom.

I would not take this freedom lightly!

Go with it! You’ve got this and it is OK to enjoy it!

Because of this, the things that you need will come together and come to you.

I know you may feel worried about making the wrong decisions but releasing this energy and making a decision will help you feel better in you. I do not know what this decision is.

So, behold a new you!

As the new moon is in Aries, watch out for that fire! You can feel anger, frustration and everything else fiery!

Do not dismiss your feelings, they are perfectly valid.

Is it time to acknowledge you are the whole enchilada?

Recognise you have the thoughts first, go with how it feels in your body… where do those lower feelings arise from? Then go from there. Ask, the universe to help you and see which people they bring in along with the love you need…

Remember, this is a generalised card reading from the Light Seers Tarot by Chris-Anne (published by Hay House)

Have the most glorious April weekend

Trina xx

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