What is it like being awake?

I could simply just say.. it is beautiful!

Then finish… it is raw, unadulterated and scary.

It is an emotional rollercoaster as you work through and I mean truly work through finding out not just who you are but what your body needs and wants.

I am writing this after realising the invisible manipulation I have played in my own health, life and business. I do not do this for sympathy.

My spiritual health journey started 4 years ago, it started with some serious money problems that had finally caught up with us.

I did not grow up in a spiritual household… or so I thought. My grandad read playing cards, I found out after his death.

Never, did I think I’d read tarot, connect to angels or even bring that into my coaching work. I had been more of a science girl… so it has taken me some time to process and adjust to this.

It also has taken time to adjust to what I felt was going on in the world too, and it is STILL an ongoing process.

And for this whole process… space, compassion and forgiveness are needed massively.

Sometimes it means sitting with you, giving yourself space or even just allowing yourself to have fun.

Meeting your inner child

My inner child was pretty wounded and upset, she just needs to be heard, listened to, given safety and loved. What she needs more than anything is an adult me to parent her.

We are one and this is how I come to terms with everything.

People speak about waking up as if it is some cult. For me waking up was what I needed to be free from other people’s thoughts, and agendas, to stop people pleasing… to just be me.

And just being ourselves can be hard, as we put ourselves at risk of being outcast, of not fitting in and of not being part of society.

Everything our inner child does not want. They need to feel safe and safety can be conforming to others ideals of who we should be. Deep down we know that this is only keeping us safe from ourselves.

When we nurture our inner child…

The beauty of this nurturing and parenting our inner child is that we find our people. The ones, just like us.

For me, it is the conversation makers, those who allow themselves to take up space in the world, those who are happy to reveal who they are too.

All of themselves… the scared, the hurt, the vulnerable yet… strong, growing and unstoppable.

What was waking up like for you? Share your thoughts below, love to get to know your more.

Trina xx

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