How your body is working for you

Not everyone is going to get what you do, not everyone is going to understand… certainly not people who have never been self employed.

Not everyone is going to get your work ethic or anything.

Because, when you are self employed you may not have the security you so desire, and that can trigger deep feelings inside. Feelings that have us feeling stressed out can actually lead to being burnt out.

When this happens, it can make it difficult to turn up and show up.

It takes its toll on the body… and even if your business is high flying you could be suppressing those emotions, many show up in our eating habits and our movement habits…

Ask yourself… are they through punishment, deprivation and lack or are they full of abundance and love.

It is not easy, but growing a business is worth it for your own personal autonomy or freedom.

Some people want to have a boss and many of us, want to be the boss.

Your body IS here to help you do just that!

On a day to day basis… 24/7

It is helping you grow, helping you stay alive, helping you have conversations with other people, helping you with your family and your kids, helping how you feel inside… stress wise and beyond, and it helps you self regulate your health… such as eating patterns.

It is important to get to grips with our bodies, and this year is the best time to do just that.

Trina xx

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