Intuitive card reading 8th-10th April 2022

We are going straight in today with a one card reading from the lightseers tarot by Chris-Anne, remember this is a generalised reading.

There is an energy that is coming up at this moment… the nine of swords energy, swords are all about your thoughts.

The 9 of Swords

This card shares a woman in a red dress on her knees. Her heart’s hurting and I guess that her boundaries have been compromised in some way.

I feel like she is down in the dumps like she is going through a mini depression and pushing for something that seems out of her remit.

She’s had it harsh and she’s had to fulfil a lot of other people’s fantasies for them, however, it is not doing herself any favours.

On this card (video below) what she actually needs is her needs. Yes, her basic needs need to be met.

You may feel very tired and unable to actually speak up and be heard. Being listened to is something that is vital and if it isn’t done you can end up feeling frustrated and not knowing why.

On this card, you can see a bedstead just right behind the lady and a pillow. I personally feel that this card is saying that you need to heal your heart through sleep. There’s lots of science between sleep… emotions and how they feed out nutritional health.

This is about learning to repair your body, and sleep can do this by helping our muscles get stronger, empower our immune system so we’re not always getting ill.

How does sleep benefit you?

Because, with these boundaries broken that is causing all these thoughts and these thoughts create undue worry. Worry burns a lot of physical energy and with no sleep we are not able to have those internal repairs.

And, even though we may have the energy when needed… we are tuning into and taking it from our vitals organs and system instead.

You are being called to sort this out, as you need space at this moment in time and it is imperative that you take some time out for you.

If you don’t you are going to find yourself the closest way to having a SELF inflicted broken heart and some really serious burnout that’s what I’m getting through

Although you have lots of thoughts on your mind, and many on this card… your saviour is that you do have and are able to gain clarity.


It can be hard to work through boundaries as they have the potential to hurt other people’s feelings. However, when does hurting you stop and what is it teaching others?

You can keep going on hurting yourself or you can have a level of honesty with people and let them know… hey you, I’m just really tired at this moment in time and I feel like I’m breaking down. I do not know how much longer I can do this for you. Can we discuss this?

This is your time to protect yourself

I feel this reading is more geared toward the spiritual coach but can easily be for those who have people facing businesses.

Some of this may sound triggering, if so then either explore or it is not for your ears yet.

I am getting that this will be a big change in identity, hence sleep is vital or I am picking up… letting this go will gift you the sleep you need.

Remember to watch the FULL reading on the video below, and like, subscribe and hit the notifications button.

Trina xx

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