Is it time to FOCUS on what you can control?

One thing I have been working on with my clients recently is to focus on what you can control.

Sometimes what is going on in our life and business can make it very difficult to concentrate, especially if you have a lot of responsibility. We can be sat in thinking mode quite a lot with zero rest bite and the rest that we have given ourselves… isn’t restful because we are still thinking about all the different scenarios of what we can do.

In most situations, there is nothing we can do and that can leave us feeling helpless.

However, taking a moment to ourselves to reflect and also remind ourselves of what we can and cannot control can actually help in these situations.

Now, this is not minimising what we are going through in any situation.

Sometimes things arise and we have zero control over them. It is in that ‘unknown’ aspect that we can be privy to triggering a deep internal fear.

This can occur…

  • When we are uplevelling our marketing to find new clients
  • Unsure of what to do when we have an issue with our health
  • And when we have life changes

What can you control?

Living in the position of focusing on things we cannot control is a very quick way to see our mental health take a dive, especially when we are running around after children, pets or have a possible business to restructure too.

So, what can you control today? And how can you gain that structure?

Remember your mask

Firstly, pop on that gas mask, because you are not doing yourself any favours by leaving it off.

This means pausing so you can breathe, so you can ground, so you can come back to reality…

Being in the present moment

In the present moment we know where we are and what we are doing, we can think more rationally.

We start to feel safe again.

If our safety is rocked, then we are prone to SEEKING the answers. Is it time to start learning to come back into ourselves?

Learning to grow our emotional resilience to situations enables us to handle life within our periphery.

This does NOT mean we may not react in future to situations. It is understanding that we are working on a consistent practice with being aware of what we can do and what is not achievable, so we do not breakdown due to stress.

(Remember is OK to see a professional)

As we lead, this is what many of us are being called to be more aware of while we grow. What we can control. This may mean that we have to give ourselves space for a little self love, compassion and forgiveness as we work through this process.

What one thing can you control today?

Trina xx

Is it TIME for you to find your FOCUS, CLARITY and DIRECTION in health, life and business? Click here… My line is open…


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