You are not losing your mind… sometimes you need to switch off

I am taking some guilt free time out by my bedside as it is time for my period. I know if I push to get things done I become very ungrounded very quickly. So, I am doing things very structured and slowly.

BTW there is nothing wrong with being ungrounded, because energy changes.

Today I want to share with you how energy changes. How we can feel more tired and stuck at times and how others we can be going with an amazing flow… to being more insular.

Our energy can change from day to day, week by week, month to month and year to year.

Do you ever get to December and think… ‘I feel like hibernating’? (this will be different if you are in the southern hemisphere)

We are human!

We have cycles, our body works like a cycle, and the earth has a cycle… a pattern.

And, we can work with it not against it.

When the wind changes…

When my energy changes and I become tired, less motivated… I SEEK a lot more. What about you?

Do you seek for a way out of situations? Find yourself spending more money? Investing in more programs? Not being as discerning or focused?

This SEEKING sends me crazy! I have been triggered.

I become a magpie and find this is my quickest way to stress and burnout.

This is more so when your main business focus needs your focus.

Especially, when we seek better health but our mind is packed with so many things.


For me, this is what happens when I have the fear of the unknown. When I do not know what’s coming next. A trigger that upsets my inner child.

I adopt a sense of not being good enough, so I start seeking and searching on social media and it gets worse… with envy setting in and a need to be validated.

Coming away is a relief and a saviour, as I get back to focus and less over thinking. No dopamine hit.

Hence, this blog and video (at the end).

Being aware of how we can get caught up in overthinking…

Bringing awareness to all that contributes to the triggers when the body is tired is needed. Just lightly noting the difference between spending time on and off social media, or away from certain people and events. How does that feel for your body and your mind?

Because of tiredness, we tend to snack more, can ignore our life, focus less, and spend more time on social media searching.

And while we are tired, we still have a few things to do, slowly, methodically and clearly.

Because you are not losing your mind, sometimes you need to switch off and process…

What about you? Do you rest when you feel tired? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments

Trina xx

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