Intuitive card reading 15th-17th April

As I switch off for the Easter weekend, I leave you with this blog.

Your weekend generalised card reading is here. The cards are by Chris-Anne The Light Seers Tarot and are from Hay House.

We are back with an inside (internal world), out (external world) reading

Inside – The Star

You are called to look inside and be more introspective. Maybe you have been overthinking things, but you are being asked to follow your intuition.

However, I feel that you haven’t been allowing yourself to do that at this moment. It feels like you have been trying to control situations, rather than following that star for guidance.

You are also being called to take action on things that are really important to you and stick to them, however… when we are trying to control everything… we may find that we can come up against SEEKER energy and lose sight of what matters to us.

Pay close attention to your crown, this week may have been full of headaches, tiredness and more and I am not surprised. You have a lot on your plate.

But, stay grounded with your crown on fire, this will help you make the decisions you need to make and stay on track.

On this card (in the video) she is holding onto the piece of string wrapped around the star, she is allowing the star to guide her through the cosmos, while she is connected to the earth.

For some of you, it may be a chance to feel your feelings and face them.

Providing she holds onto that string of ‘faith’ she will not lose her way. Keep the faith, lessen the noise, see how that feels when you are more centred.

It is a good time to tune into yourself and stop ignoring your needs because ignoring them is seeing a need for self care and love.

Because for some of you, triggers are coming up to be dealt with, and some possible inner child work too.

Because outside…

The outside – 5 of Pentacles

Externally, I get the feeling that money has been on your mind, but it is not just money… it is life and possibly health in general.

But, you may feel like this girl who is dwelling on how much you do not have. Maybe you have felt quite low and depressed too, especially with all the not knowing.

This card shows a girl crying into her knees, but behind her is a door with a key next to it.

I feel that you are not bothering to look at your own information, that you could be more focused on the doom and gloom instead of opening the door to flowers in bloom.

And with this feeling could come a SEEKER type energy, however, much of what we could be feeling could be an illusion… hence a need to ground and see everything from a different perspective.

It is time to use the key and start enjoying or even learn to start enjoying what you have laboured for, yes… you are still busy and yes, there is more to come.

I am guessing that this for someone whose family laboured hard, working themselves to the bones and you have adopted that premise, that we work hard and play harder.

Yet, this can mean we ignore our inner guidance.

The Star…

It is time to follow and see what unfolds…

Trina xx

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