You are NOT lazy!

Have to ever felt stressed out? Especially when business growth comes calling?

Business growth can be tough, even more so when you have a family to look after or have everything that life throws at you.

This is why you are NOT lazy!

As much as we FEEL we are being lazy by procrastinating over health, as much as we FEEL lazy when we are running away from taking responsibility for our self and as much as we FEEL lazy when we do not get something done.

We are far from that.

The admission

I have sat with plenty of my clients while they have said, they are lazy

Even I have felt I could not be bothered and was too lazy to do something.

But, do you know what?

I get them to take a cold hard look at their life. I get them to see all the things they are doing. I get to notice how much they have taken on.

And, I act as a reminder as to all the things they are doing. Because of all that, they could not be lazy.

They are doing ten times more than they need to!

What about you? Does this sound like you?

The breakthrough

A lot of the time we do not have structure and we are overdoing certain tasks, which can lead to massive overwhelm and a feeling of not-enoughness. Which can have us SEEKING for more (and piling in more things), while… depending on how our brains are wired unable to get out of the main task done.

Imagine that person who’s always late and we think they are not respecting us? Have we ever thought, they have a deep internal fear that we do not see?

I speak about this because it has taken years to understand my own safety mechanism around this… to stay in bed ‘safe’ and warm.

Procrastion being fear and that we revert to a child-like state is the conversation we need to be having!

Because that feeling of not being good enough has to end for many of you.

You are NOT a failure

You are worthy


You are better than what you think you are

We are able to do the things that we really want to do. We can do them. Sometimes we need a little support and structure.

We also need to let go of things that keep us away from where we are going too. Ooooshhh!

And that is the tricky bit, I know it can be hard.

With all the school runs, the sorting tidying, getting out, getting other things done, sorting social media, doing your marketing, looking after parents, giving away your time for free…


Using much of your energy for other people, other things and not facing your own.

That is NOT lazy, it is sacrifice!

I know you REALLY want to get sorted, you are a pretty ambitious, passionate and driven woman with an amazing flowing business.

And it is time to utilise that health to step forward, to use you physical courage to create boundaries, to pick yourself and gather your focus.

And while there is a barrier around health, you have the ability to move through… even if it takes a little longer for you.

Teaching leaves clues…

Fitness class clients for me left vital clues. Many would turn up and stay for many many years… some are still going now.

When they first turned up, they were covered up… not wanting to be seen or looked at.

However, as you connect with something you deeply love in health. That changes, your clothes change, you posture changes, you aura develops and opens.

You can see each push through that comfort zone

You can see each jump through each level of confidence

You can see each step through every moment of joy and elation

It is powerful

They no longer hid, they were the people who stood at the back and moved to the front. We have all noticed those people.

Just like in business, we start shying away from the limelight… and next minute (after all the blood sweat and tears) they are at the front smiling with me.

Rocking up for your health, life and business

It is time for you to rock up for all you ever wanted. You have been asking and now the universe is delivering this awesome gift to you.

Now, it may not seem awesome, as you may be playing a game of dodgeball and have been hit in the rear a few times. But, you keep getting back up. You do not stop… you are relentless in knowing… and feeling that you are one step away from that new feeling you have been chasing.

To live health on your terms

Personal autonomy, strong boundaries and ZERO laziness in sight!

Has this resonated with you? I’d love to connect and hear more.

Trina xx

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