Intuitive Card Reading 29th April – 1st May

This reading is taking place while housesitting and looking after other people’s pets.

The collective energy this week has been triggering things that we felt we dead and buried. Laid to rest… gone forever.

But, they haven’t, there is still a sticky residue.

For some of you, there may be an acceptance that things are not changing yet or even that you do not know. Which can gift a great sense of comfort and get back to living a happier life.

The boundaries continue this week and it could be affecting us mentally in business. Some of you are being called to look at your social media usage, some your relationships… not just with others but with ourselves. How is that affecting your health life and business? Go easy on yourself you do not need to punish yourself.

2022 is a great year to make changes, some are imperative as the world changes and moves forward. We are partway through the great awakening and we can feel a range of emotions.

If you need someone to help you? Ask them, and reach out. Some of you can do this on your own and work it out. It doesn’t matter which camp you are in, we are human and we have got this.

Action is needed for manifestation

Are you an action taker? Then it is your time to stand up and move forward. You keep moving and wading through. Getting up when the chips feel down. You take things on and never back down. Can you identify your action taker clients? It is time to invest time in them.

Beware of overdoing HIGH ACHIEVER ENERGY as this can be a detriment to you and your family life, as well as your health. Have you accessed the free resource?

Set healthy boundaries with those who have no boundaries.

This can sound triggering, however, question the trigger.

Inside card – Five of Pentacles

An external card for your internal world… what are you thinking about in your life? What do you need more of at this time?

It is OK to accept you want more money, or you want better health… relieve that intense yearning of earning. I feel this is for people who grew up in a culture where you worked hard and worked even harder.

You gritted at everything it could be ingrained, patterned and cognitive, however, you are learning to move forward as things are changeable. You could be finding some bits difficult, thinking you had worked through but really they were suppressed.

You are learning to not let your emotions overcloud your judgement. Yes, you want a better life, health and business.

But, I am getting a lot of thought around this

On the card, there is a girl or a young woman on the floor her head on her knees. She’s in front of a Yellow wall and door with a key.

The card suggests some inner child/teenager work. She has a shawl, blue skirt and a bright orange top.

The colours suggest to me that she needs some emotional heart healing for her mid back (connected to rejection). While the orange top suggested some sacral work for the heart, acknowledging events rather than not wanting to accept it is happening. While the blue skirt suggests your safety around communication of your basic needs. Possible space or time alone… even sleep.

Go easy and do something for you (for the full video, watch to the end)

Outside Card – Strength

Something is asking you to open your mind with the major card. It is a big moment for you around your energy. It is time to take action in some way on those thoughts or just to bloody enjoy life.

Yes, you are taking action… but you are most likely overgiving from an empty cup. And now it is time to feed yourself back up.

The narratives are your basic needs calling!

Self care everyone.

Take action on this, your body and your business will thank you for it?

You are doing a lot in your business, probably too much… that inner lion is going crazy.

We need the loving kindness of the lamb… soft and gentle on yourself. Baby steps, learn to live. It is in living that will feed your health and business life.

It is OK to be vulnerable, in this space IS your renewed inner lion or strength.

To end…

Find time to treat yourself to some flowers, create some space in your home to chill and hug your loved ones

How did that reading land for you? Tag me in the comments.

Trina xx

Resonated and love to take this further? There are 3 ways… through 1-1 Coaching apply here, through my online academy (more courses coming soon) and writing for your business DM here

I have also created a FREE training to find out how your Energy Archetype can support your health, life and business… download your training guide here

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