The benefits of structured social media time

Social media can be positive however, it needs to be structured. Without structure, you may find, issues within the body.

A feeling of less confidence is arising too, this may come with feeling…

More stressed

Pushing harder

You really really want to get done but the things you want to get done are not getting done fast enough leaving us feeling discombobulated.

Is your business in the way of your health?

From a health point of view, most clients that I speak to put their business in the way of their health. Not realising, they go hand in hand.

We have no time for health, however, what if I said health helps with the way you feel and react in situations.

And true health takes trust and time.

It is a practice.

Where are you in business?

It doesn’t matter where you are in business, many of us have been triggered in some way. Some of us can pinpoint it back to our social media usage.

Again, while social media can be positive, too much usage can increase the dopamine receptors within the brain. Meaning they are constantly firing and you are always alert. And while dopamine is a great chemical to have, there needs to be a fluid balance within the body. Without that balance, we see a rise in cortisol levels linked to stress. Also, an increased need to keep using if we take a break.

Yes, we use social media for business. I do too.

Only I know too well how we can feel from the effects of social media. Left wanting more RIGHT NOW and not accepting where I am or acknowledging who I am (which is the basis of change).

Identifying where you are spending most of your time when on social media

Ask yourself, do you feel you are spending more time on social media than sorting your health, life or business?

Do you find you are getting snappy at the children?

Feel imposter syndrome or less confidence in your abilities?

What about comparisonitis or stress when you are on for longer than you need?

If you do, admitting it is the first step. There is zero point in ignoring it… we are human!


In these moments we can end up in what is called ‘seeker energy’ and seeking the solution to all our (what we feel) ‘problems’. When really your life is awesome and if the change is needed then you will powerfully make that change on your terms. Have you downloaded the free Energy Archetype resource?

Awareness comes first

Do you resonate with any of this? If so, you are aware of something.

And now it is time to not beat yourself up but to accept it. It is happening.

From this, we have to acknowledge change needs to take place only if we feel it does. Because then you are ready to take action. Again, if you want to.

We have a choice… to not change or start the steps and move forward.

Momma Trina says…

You have been telling yourself for so long that you are just enough. It is time for some of you to know that you are MORE THAN ENOUGH and show it.

When you are more than enough…

You show what you deserve in life

We stop overgiving on social media

We start setting boundaries on our profiles

We create the focus required to show up

More than enough to have better sleep patterns, more than enough to regulate our dopamine hit and stabilise our moods, more than enough to set times and be fully present with family.

The structure is only a step away…

Taking tiny steps in your structure makes a massive difference to your mind and body health. Even switching off your phone before 8pm has major benefits for sleep patterns, as sleep patterns are connected to food patterns.

So, I would love to hear from you! Hit me up in the comments… how have you gotten on with setting a structure for your social media usage?

Trina xx

Resonated and love to take this further? There are 3 ways… through 1-1 Coaching apply here, through my online academy (more courses coming soon) and writing for your business DM here

I have also created a FREE training to find out how your Energy Archetype can support your health, life and business… download your training guide here

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