Why I gave up gluten

Before you read this, please read this disclaimer if you are experiencing pain as this is my experience and not that of a medical professional.

Many people know that I drank a lot of alcohol. So much so, in the end I turned my life around by giving up drinking it and turned to writing instead.

However, alcohol was holding a different story.

Something that I could not see, but I could certainly feel one the alcohol had gone.

Pain in my gut

They say, alcohol numbs the pain… well it certainly numbed the real physical pain occuring around the stomach area.

And, I just didn’t know what it was.

Nobody knows my body better than me

There is no one who knows my body better. I love tuning into me and who I am. What I need and when, how I feel and what it takes to move forward.

And when this feeling came it… I knew what was causing it due to the fact, every time I ate bread or pasta my stomach and my gut would be in agony.

At the same time I suffered from stress IBS for many years when it came to going to any events. I’d leave highly bloated and anxioux. This to me this was not normal. However, I lived with it… until November 2019, nearly 4 months after I gave up drinking.

After all the years of being eating pasta, bread and the rest… it was time to let go of that identity.

The grieving process…

I always say to people, health can be such an emotive process. There are a lot of emotions around the foods we eat and if we follow the process of ‘cupboard love’ we can possibly see that we are conditioned to see food as love.

So, just like letting go of alcohol there was a lot of emotion released…

And a lot of…

‘But, it probably wasn’t that…’

‘Nope, it can’t have been that…’

‘There’s nothing to eat…’

‘What will I eat…’

We want to interject and talk ourselves out of what we are doing. Although, what we are doing is for the best. Much of those words were old memories based around lack playing out.

Solution focused…

Yet, overtime you find the answers.

Btw, you are NOT starving yourself and if you feel that this is some diet blog then this is not for your eyes yet.

What we are actually doing is allowing our body to heal by being objective over what we are actually doing to ourselves.

And at that time, honestly… I was harming myself by continuing to digest something that was hurting me… and I knew it.

By letting go, I started to allow in other foods that loved and benefitted my body as a whole.

And the best bit… I felt even more connected, less tired and the stress IBS situations… diminished.

Over time the emotions lessened for this as I tuned in.

And now…

Well it is a few years in, and I have absolutely zero regrets about letting go of gluten. I know for some people, it is fine to eat, but for me it does me no favours so why bother??

What about you? Have you had food sensitivities? Love to hear your thoughts.

Trina xx

P.S. See a professional if you have any food issues. Read the disclaimer

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