Today I share with you, the benefits of leaning into and honouring your food sensitivities.

If you are reading this, please understand I am not a medical professional and if you need to see someone, then you ultimately make that choice. Please read the disclaimer.

Maybe you have has a diagnosis from a doctor or someone in terms of your sensitivities around foods affecting your body and you know that when you no longer digest them, they not only make a massive difference to your life but equally reduce any discomfort when you attend networking meetings, speaking gigs and events too.

There is nothing worse than the pain that has us feeling all stressed and anxious.

So, my first question is… are you honouring your food sensitivities? Because they are telling you something.

Feeling like a pile of poo with a foggy head when you wake up (or even when you go to bed). Is not good for anyone.

And before anyone gets triggered, understand that you are better than you think you are and your body knows it.


You have the most amazing ecosystem inside your body called Microbiomes and although they live all around your body, most of them live inside our gut.

And this flora and forna help us daily… they work with the body to flush out anything that doesn’t need to be there and have a strong connection to the brain. Hence extensive studies on gut and mental health conditions.

Therefore when the gut is upset, we feel it mentally and when it feels good… we feel happier.

Meaning our food is connected to our mood and behaviours.

Nervous system triggers

The more we look after our gut, the more we can look after emotions. Hear me out, inflammation as a direct response to the chemical changes within the stomach is enhancing our emotional responses. Why do we feel stress and anxiety can be triggered instantly by food?

Eating things that lovingly help us feel relaxed and not on edge.

So, is it time to honour our sensitivities?

The benefits…

There are so many benefits when we tune into our body and work with this process on a day to day basis.

We are able to find clarity easier, focus as we grow and maintain our direction. We are easily side-lined nor is our immune system struggling to keep up with the demand of our business growth.

We can also ease the stomach, our solar plexus, the source of our worth and also our passionate anger. According to chakra knowledge, digestion is all about our self worth.

Is it time we have the physical energy to work through with the energy from the inside shining outward.

My own journey

My journey is ongoing and changes within my own body has resulted in sweating less, no more cramps, bloating, and the ability to work with my anxieties.

It was not easy… I knew all the data… but once I decided that pain had to go because I love myself more. The process became simple.

What about you? I know health is an emotive subject, so read this with an open heart and mind. If unable to, then this is not meant to be heard yet.

Trina xx

Love to work with me? There are 3 ways… through 1-1 Coaching apply here, through my online academy (more courses coming soon) and writing for your business DM here


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