Intuitive Card Reading 6th-8th May

‘She’s just a cosmic girl, from another galaxy!’

That is what the energy feels like this week, you are rising girl. However, you may or may not know what to do with it. You may still be procrastinating on a few things.

Self worth, physical pain and stomach issues are in the air at the moment. Food sensitivities anyone?? I am not a medical professional, so see someone if you need. Read my disclaimer.

Moments of discombobulation mixed with showing up powerful.

Do you feel it?

There are some things you are still putting off but you are showing up, you are investing in yourself.

You have the POWER to say yes.

Today’s one card reading

You are on a big spiritual and personal development journey and it is growing and showing up for you.

Two stones I am thinking of to support your transformation…

Black onyx and Black obsidian

Black onyx for willpower and grounding

Black obsidian for clarity and seeing clear in the dark

Both are protective stones.

It is not about hiding away for some of you, it is about facing.

This leads me to…

The knight of pentacles – you have been looking after your boundaries. Showing up in a masculine energy. What you are doing right now during this period is growing. And as you are growing you are keeping a practice going. But, that does not mean sticking to just a masculine growth energy, this means a more adoptive feminine vibe too. A practice of love. Every single day doing something for growth and doing something to LOVE on you.

Something that becomes a part of your everyday.

Do you sense what it is?

Have you been more masculine or more feminine? How do you even out the ratio?

Showing up, not just all go, but showing up for your body.

And as you show up… again and again… it is going to reflect in your outside life. That psychological mirror will start to change.

This card shows a man dropping his pentacles for people to follow. And this is you… dropping your loving pentacles to either create a loyal following or create some kind of loyalty towards yourself in your household from others.

Also, loyalty to yourself… by showing up for yourself you are instilling that you are trustworthy and loyal to you. If you are procrastinating, is there something you can do to help you get sorted?

What is actually happening now is showing up in the body? Ankles, I feel. That fear of moving forward or you are due to move forward with something that doesn’t resonate with you and who you are. A quick change will see some changes to stability here.

I want to remind you, you are hear to create a difference! Keep going! Get help if needed and enjoy the ride.

Trina xx

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