Don’t try this at home… Exploring movement while stepping up to the next level in business

At this moment we are being called to move energy through our bodies. Especially, when we go through our next income level in business.

Our body can really start to feel pain in some areas, have you felt it?

Getting to know ourselves and how we move, whether that is flexibility, mobility or strength. Sometimes with exercise, we have been taught to stay within our lane or space in terms of movement in case we get an injury or overdo it. And, while some of this is precautionary… there are times when we go a little further or break the mould.

In the nearly 12 years of teaching health and wellness, I found that… many of us can do more than we were told we can.

How do I know that? Because many people I have worked with were told not to walk on something if it is painful, do not move if it aches and certainly do not do any strength movements.

However, for some injuries, this is NOT the case.

Many clients after working together, you see them shimmying, walking, moving and even training. They have freedom in their movement.

This does not mean I run training sessions, no. I help my clients move energy and strengthen body parts as part of going from stuck to flowing in business. All while packaging this with a long term healthier lifestyle that encompasses life and business growth.

Do you know how frozen shoulder occurs? Through isolating (not moving) where the pain has taken place.

Do you know how bones fuse in a sprained ankle? Through little to no movement in the area and not giving it the exercises it needs.

Do you know how hip pain gets worse? By not walking and balancing on it.

Most areas of the body need blood flow and that flow comes with movement, otherwise, the area takes a lot longer to heal.

This does not mean you go jumping around or even start walking on your ailments now. No. There are corrective exercises for this process (with the right people), and while I work online with my clients, it is very easy to work with those ailments if required and double them up with your chiropractor, physio or professional treatments. Why? Because I have spent years working alongside many professionals and with thousands of women, releasing the emotions involved too. So, you are free in yourself to create bigger income goals all through harnessing your body.

I enable you to explore your movements safely. Where you can explore your body’s capability safely. Now, there is a disclaimer and especially in terms are making money, because like any program, results cannot be guaranteed and we have to do the work.

Are you moving to the next stage in business and how is your body feeling?

Trina xx

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