The benefits of walking and movement during business growth

When going through a period of business growth, you may feel stuck

The stuckness can be around money, moving into the next group of people, creating a new community, or a sense of not belonging.

This time can drag up a lot of feelings.

When I work with my clients I help them work with their bodies so they can step up to that next income goal without their bodies breaking.

We work on the things that keep you away at night, so rather than dragging yourself through the next hurdle of that birth canal… ouch!

You can still enjoy your life, you can still spend time with your kids, you can still eat well and maintain an optimum level of health and reach those next income levels in style.

And all through your body.

Whether in life or business, your body is letting you know it is either having a nervous system reaction (flight, fight or fawn) or painful ailments.

How is your body?

Tell me, what is going on with your physicality right now?

This may not mean training in a gym, this could be simply about tuning into the most aligned health for you.

The first thing that I want to ask is…

Are you getting outside and looking after yourself?

This could be going for a walk to clear your head and have more clarity over your business so you can move forward swiftly.

That’s why walking is amazing!

On a physiological level, you are creating a strong structure within your legs (including bone and muscle strength) and flexible movement that allows for good blood flow… rather than feeling still or stuck. We allow it all to flow. It is a really simple way to self regulate your nervous system with bilateral movement this helps us to be more present.

Did you know the body reacts to how we are thinking and feeling? If you do or do not… it is time to keep reading these blogs and watch my youtube videos… there is one below.

Trina xx

Are you a spiritually conscious female coach who loves investing in her self-healing and is stepping into the next level in business?

Let’s start here by locating your blockages that are in the way of that growth

FREE mini spiritual health check for health, life and business challenges


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