Intuitive card reading 13th-15th May

Can you FEEL it? Your identity changing, the feeling of grieving and the processing that goes with it. It is coming up for you to clear your energies at this moment.

And as you know ladies we are going through a big growth within our businesses during this great awakening. Who’s with me right now on this?

What is going on inside you right now is important. Hence I have created a FREE 3 day event for coaches, manifesters and businesswomen to tune into their bodies and ease through this stage to make more money. Feel you need this? Click here.

We have three cards from Chris-Anne’s Light seers tarot pack…

The inside card

3 of wands In your internal world, I get that you are waiting to catch a wave. You may be waiting a while chilling out on that board and just awaiting that wave to come. I feel you need to enjoy life a little because that wave is coming. Just before that wave, imagine you are sitting on the board with your feet in the water watching the birds or the sunrise or sunset. Being present and in the moment. Because you may be trying to control everything but sometimes we have to let go if the work is done and let it do its bit. However, if the work isn’t done, call in for support. What is it you cannot do and who do you need support from? Your nervous system will be alerting you, is it time to self regulate?

The outside card

10 of cups – Being present internally or in a state of inner calm, is going to reflect in your outer world. I love this card because it represents a kind of emotional contentment. Able to integrate with your life and loved ones. When was the last time you listened to music and danced? Move those energies, and get everyone involved. Some of you may find this hard, especially if you fear the worst… remember the narrative… don’t count your chickens? Learn how you feel and express it… Are they your words or someone else’s? Never discount your mirrors, they are gold in understanding what is going on within us. Our bodies will be alerting us and let us know how to release things that are stopping us from enjoying life… what is frustrating you? Or stopping you from living your best life?

To clarify… stuck energy?

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