How to move through self belief

Have you ever noticed a great disconnect between you and living the life that you want? Sometimes it can take asking for help from another coach/mentor to teach us, show us or even remind us.

To uncover the parts of us we hideaway. This can be, why we feel so jealous of others.

We can have a plethora of tools in our coaching/teaching tool shed, yet we are only using a few and none at all.

This may have us feeling like we are going through some long-ass healing… all day every day. Rather than doing what our clients do… move through it quickly.

Energetically, the last few weeks have been all about the collective leaning into this new identity. The person who we always have been. Many of you have been leaning into your vulnerabilities… leaving yourselves wide open for criticism but we can equally slip back into the status quo. Lose focus, clarity and direction.

However, you need to focus on being your own kinda weird.

Every single aspect of YOU.

The clown, the crazy one, the lone wolf, the golden child… whoever you are.

You will find that many will drop away and that can have us clinging on for dear life to them. But, these are not your people.

Your people are JUST LIKE YOU

OWN these aspects of you my strong wounded warrior

You can work with each aspect of yourself, rather than shunning them. Our body flags up any issues, in your mechanical structures… think musculoskeletal… the lower back, hips, and lower regions (such as ankles) in particular.

Female clients come to me because they want to step up but have some physical issues too.

Let’s look at procrastination and distractions…

My question to you is… where do you FEEL it most in your body when…

  • Spending too much time on social media
  • Overeating/undereating
  • Not giving your body rest she deserves

These are actually real facts… there comes a point where we have to face it, embrace it and change our treatment of it.

I wouldn’t teach it if I hadn’t gone through each aspect.

Now, let’s inject some LOVE into whatever your body is FEELING

What is the one thing you can do today, that will make a big difference to your beautiful self?

Do you need rest, relaxation, a little luxury, some nature, less distraction, to eat something loving or more outside interaction?

Take your time to understand and discover your needs today and honour them

You know you are awesome

And I want to teach you a VERY special process to create long term health that is not JUST for you, but that rubs off on your family too. It aids you to move through the growth of your business without killing someone and still step up the income ladder while healing that amazing body of yours.

Feel this is something you need, for your body, your family and your business? Sign up to join me LIVE for FREE here

Trina xx


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