How to move through business growth with ease

The one place when we are going through business growth is our body.

As a female coach, manifester or businesswoman who lives a spiritual life, growing an amazing business, health can be the last thing on our mind.

Especially during business growth.

During business growth, stresses during this time can appear in different areas of our physicality such as chest and shoulder strain, and hip stability issues.

We work so hard to have a reward at the end of this growth. However, we get through this period and our body is breaking, ill, injured, angry, stressed and not calm.

What would happen if we knew what our body was saying every day?

What if you could take her on this journey with you?

Because, when she is upset… we eat more

Even though we are full… have you ever felt this

And you are moving less because you have all this stuff to do yet… you need focus, clarity and structure in your life.

How do you get to that next level?

We need to start linking mindset with our physical (and biological) mechanisms, it is a whole ecosystem. It is time to bring them together.

Our brain can have a complete disconnection with our body and this is where I come in, asking…

What is keeping you awake at night?

What is going on?

And then we locate it and free you from it.

Are you going through a period of growth in business?
Are you getting the breaks you need or are you running on empty?
Are you looking at spending time with the family without your mind elsewhere?
Are you eating more, not moving at much as you need, or taking the breaks you’d like?

If that sounds like you and you are looking to free yourself from your patterns and learn to self regulate your body so you can live less on high alert and a calmer life, while taking the next steps within your income, with ease.

You can do this with me LIVE online for 3 days starting 23rd-25th May ( this is FREE and there will be replays). I really cannot wait to deliver this program to you.

Ready to drop in? Click here

Trina xx

Watch the FULL video here


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