Intuitive Card Reading 20th-22nd May

The energies for quite a while have been all about healthy boundaries and establishing a connection between giving and what space we are giving from.

We are all stepping up in some way, showing ourselves to the world. It is all exciting!

You are choosing to look after yourself, understand who you are, bringing more love and light to the world, while equally recognising parts of you that you a desperately trying to hideaway.

Is it time to embrace the multifaceted sides of you?

We are more than capable of everything that is going on in the world and for some of us, we are now realising it.

It is being us… the clown, the student, the ungrounded one (where our best ideas come from), the fun, the loving one… other times we can feel sad, mad and resentful.

And being just us, in all our glory can have some feel uncomfortable around us, as you own your vulnerabilities.

However, others will radiate towards you, as you are giving them permission to shine out loud too. Keep it up!

Allow people to come to you and not you dim your light. It is time to lift.

This weekend is a 3 card reading…

Overall card

The World – The energy right now feels… postmodern… and with card we are balancing light and dark energies. She is strong in her stance (she’s standing in a tree pose), as underneath seem many plates to navigate. She is balancing them all. There is a possibility of overgiving, which can lead to a little resentment, tune in and ask yourself, am I giving from my heart or due to guilt? Because, when we over give we can end up with hidden psychological stress connected to many illnesses. It is time to give back to you. The good girl/boy narrative has been on the radar recently… how to act, always do things for others… yet that can be at detriment to you. This is not hopeless, you can change this. Take a chance, roll the dice… you know who your loveable rogue self is.

Inside card

5 of cups – You have a lot going on and it can be so easy to sink into self pity. You know it is OKAY to sink, when we are upset. However, this is about learning to not stay sunk in that ‘hole’ on this card. The dark hole is magnetic and can pull you in and have you feeling too tired for tasks. Create a harmonious balance between allowing the grieving of the past, as this will gift you the energy to move forward to the future. Look at the light beside you, you have a cup full of joy. Use your practices (without spiritually bypassing), or come back to one that clears your souls after you have visited the dark. We can easily end up picking at wounds, looking for what is wrong with us, there is nothing up with you. You are human! Hence you are being asked to notice all your amazing emotions.

Because outside

Queen of wands – The queen of creation! Creating herself. You go girlfriend! The queen is sat on a fluffy rug with a cat. She is comfortable as herself, loyal like the cat… but cross her and she will scratch. She creates her own light, a light she protects, and projects out fiercely. Her heart owns her darkness. In this card there are many lit candles, I feel this represents the permission she is giving others to light their light too. Her head is slightly turned to oneside to not notice the things that pull her down. You are going to feel safe to own your light.

Trina xx

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Watch the FULL video to see the contrast between all cards and the cards themselves…


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