3 ways dancing can transform your business, body and mindset

It doesn’t matter if you don’t dance. Just standing up and stepping from side to side and moving those arms will improve your belief system, stir your creative juices and increase your energy slumps

So here are 3 amazing benefits…just for you!

1. Reduce stress and increases confidence during a period of business growth – Feeling stressed? Tense? Put some uplifting music on or whatever you like and dance! Research has shown that dancing drastically reduces stress and increases confidence in the goals you are striving towards.

2. Improves your breathing and muscle growth – dancing is great for exercising the lungs and diaphragm. Taking up dancing improves their strength and capacity, meaning more oxygen can enter the body helping cultivate your muscles and give them strength.

3. Boost Memory for greater focus and clarity – It is revealed that the bit of the brain which produces memory naturally impairs as we get older. According to some medical reports dancing prevents it from impairing by boosting your memory and focus on your work. Eliminating frustration.

What do you do now?

Get off that seat or turn up the music and dance…

Trina xx

Spiritually conscious female coach looking to transform your health, life and business? Come into my realm… Access here

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