Letting go of Christianity to find freedom outside guilt and shame

Something has been burning on my mind for quite some time, and do you know when something just needs to be done with but you just can’t put your finger on it. This is the experience I had had.

For many years I had felt a deep internal set of shame, guilt and judgement. It had eaten away at my smile and had myself questioning who I am.

I had decided to sign up for a coaching program with Marina Jacoby to meet my shadow self, all the parts ‘I should be’ ashamed of, fearful of or even dismissive of.

This program coupled with another is teaching me not to be ashamed of myself, and who I am as a whole and while this was happening to me, I started to feel a disconnect from what I had been raised as.

I grew up in a Catholic family and while I wasn’t a practising Catholic, I felt much pressure to conform to a certain ideal, this had me acting differently in front of people, I’d not say how I felt about things for fear of being hurt in some way.

With this, I felt great depression, and anxiety and like the world was going to end. Just so must worry and mental pain… physically too.

This for me is something I can no longer live with, the values do not fit with who I am. The teachings do not sit with who I have always been. And while it may take a little more than a few words… just saying…

I no longer accept the Christian religion as my world view… I felt a sense of freedom rise in my body.

For me, I could start being more open in my relationship and not wince at the sound of saying something out of turn. I just felt free.

How about you? Have you let go of Christianity?

Trina xx

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