You no longer have to push your Body in business

Push business
Push in studies
Push at sorting our homes
Push at having that ‘work-life balance’

If you have pushed through challenges and towards your desires of a happier and more joyful existence

Resulting in lack of sleep, erratic eating patterns, snapping at the children, to the point of relationship breaks

What if you took action to create a healthy boundary around it all?

You called in support (in-person and from higher realms), back-up, reinforcements… or even created a boundary between social media usage.

Imagine the dismay that would put on the body

For many of my female coaching and influencer clients, they have been in PUSH MODE for as long as they can remember.

So much so, the push is more of a trigger, a coping mechanism.

The body can feel intense pressure when things do not happen fast enough, and can easily pack in more things to do.

It can leave us feeling if we are moving in the right direction or not able to fully switch off when off

You can achieve, do it all and HAVE THE ENERGY built to last

You are safe, supported and loved

Safe enough to do things one thing at a time
Safe enough to take study days and stay on track
Safe enough to be with your children
Safe enough to take desired rest inbetween

When my clients feel safe to ENJOY the life they have created, they report that they really FEEL it and SHINE because of it.

Business goes better too

More people are attracted to what they do

Become more productive for BIGGER OPPORTUNITIES

Naturally spend less time on social media

And they have the best time… kayaking, having fun, just enjoying life.

And THE PUSH… starts to be RELEASED from the body

Allowing in space for better sleep, eating habits, spiritual connection and relationships

You are OK to grow and enJOY

Much love to those that resonate with this

Trina xx

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