Switching off social media to listen to your body and increase productivity

Sometimes you are going 150 miles an hour and you want to do all the things.

You can feel it in your shoulders, back, head… almost everywhere you feel this almighty tension

You are achieving, you are stepping up, you have something to say and more!

You are on a roll!!

And at the same time, you want to rest

You want to take stock and…

You want to have the energy to go with the flow

That internal balancing act between the doing and the being and sometimes it is hard to just switch off when you are being pulled every which way… but towards yourSELF.

And that’s when you need to take a moment…

Taking a breather is NOT LAZY

It is REGENERATIVE, POWERFUL, and you become a POTENT FORCE to be reckoned with.

You know you haven’t gone away… you just need to get your head together.

Create a HEALTHY BOUNDARY between yourself and the outside world

By becoming CLEAR you start to feel more GUIDED and OPEN to the ENERGY of getting the things done you have been putting off.

When we stop listening to others
When we clear the social media cache
We allow our brain to dump their outdated goods

Opening up the SPACE to RECEIVE information that takes us in the right direction.

And the peace within mind, body and soul as we bring our biggest visions to life.

Trina xx

The spiritual guide for spiritually conscious female coaches and influencers

Directly work with Trina either with a reading, Soul Aligned Strategy Day or something more long term here

Or access my potent downloads here


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