Healthy boundaries by saying ‘NO’ in business and feel JOY

When we speak about boundaries, we never speak about the ones where we are allowed to say ‘no’. Yet, that little guilt trigger comes in and we put all these expectations on ourselves and others.

They ‘should’ know what we are thinking. Right?

Especially when we didn’t really want to do ‘that thing’

And yet, we are doing what someone else wants and everything is going wrong because of that choice… our choice

So we take it out on them or they react to us when we express how we truly feel

Sometimes we just have the take the hit that we made the wrong choice… we got something wrong and take the reaction.

And, we can also change our minds and say… ‘no’

However, where it is easy for me to say… that can be hard where the BODY is involved.

No one ever wants to say ‘no’ at times… good boys and girls… must always help

A change of heart or mind may bring…


Feelings of failure

Damage reputation

And can also bring… OPPORTUNITY


For growth
For change
For awareness

To learn to calm the body, find support and guidance

There is GOLD in honouring our boundaries.

Where do you need to say ‘no’ today?

Trina xx

Are you an established businesswoman who LOVES manifesting and seeks more joy in your life? Let’s work together in-person

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