How to SWITCH OFF social media when you feel RESTLESS

Many of the businesswomen I work with, desire REST

However, when money is involved… you will find their minds are racing 100 miles an hour… working all hours to make things happen.

Even though they do all the healing, have overflowing diaries, and live busy lives. They are finding that they are either eating erratically or using social media a lot more too.

Lots of DOING

And NOT fully enjoying it.

Does that sound like you?

Your body is on edge

You FEEL trapped or stuck

You have it ALL on the outside

And, on the inside… it feels like a warzone when money is concerned

What are many of my clients finding?

The stress (due to money) is having an adverse effect on their social media usage (while positive in some aspects) and is being overused in others.

Their SAFETY is rocked… does that sound familiar?

Are you experiencing…

  • Comparisonitis
  • Hard to focus on your work
  • Booking course after course
  • Tasks are taking longer than usual…. even though you are an action-taker
  • This is spilling into your life… Missing time with family or affecting how you interact with them

It becomes a CHALLENGE to create that HEALTHY BOUNDARY between work and play.

Just say you are this person, and you resonate with this…

Is it time to adopt a different approach?

Is it time to work with your body to calm its reaction to money?

Do you yearn to spend time with your family and have that business success, without those internal feelings over money?

No longer fully scared of money
Making new connections without sacrificing your time
Feeling peaceful when making decisions

Whatever happens… nothing is wrong with you

Sometimes, we need just STOP looking for answers, CALM the trigger and ALLOW ourselves to breathe easier.

To take a breath and let go, because…

CLARITY comes without the noise.

FOCUS comes without distractions

DIRECTION comes without force

It is an exciting time to…

Take a bath, wash the sweat, close your eyes

And allow your body to process with LOVE

Trina xx

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