How to SWITCH OFF social media when you feel RESTLESS

Many of us want to REST

However, for many spiritually conscious female coaching clients of mine, their mind is still going 100 miles an hour

They want to heal lots, they want to do lots, they want to clear lots, and they are finding that they are eating lots more too.



They need themselves, and they are not where they want to be when it comes to those internal feelings.

They FEEL trapped

They have it ALL on the outside

And, they do not have to do it ALL

What many of my clients finding?

Their social media usage (while positive in some aspects) is being overused.

They find that they are experiencing comparisonitis, increasingly hard to focus on their work and even though they are incredible action takers… some tasks are taking longer than usual. Due to the sheer amount of time they are giving out in this sphere.

It becomes a CHALLENGE in front of their amazing DESIRES and GOALS in terms of creating a HEALTHY BOUNDARY between work and play.

Just say you are this person

Is it time to adopt a surrender approach to this usage?

Surrendering to this internal desire to be with yourself and others, and yet, you are scared.

Scared of the unknown
Scared of losing connections
Scared of getting something wrong or missing out

Whatever happens… nothing is wrong… it is always right and you are being guided beautiful girl

For sometimes we can keep seeking and comparing… however, sometimes we need just STOP looking for answers!

To take a breath and let go

Allow them to come to you outside of the noise.

Allow them to hop in when you are least expecting and if they do not… do not force it

There is a big message that healing is not forced and some things are clearly revealed when ready.

It is an exciting time to…

Clear the mind, take the bath, wash the sweat, close your eyes

And bathe

Trina xx

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