Calming physical stress around money

Over the years, I have found the physical has been taught separately to life and business… when it is part of a WHOLE PACKAGE

Whatever is affecting the external, is affecting the internal as hidden psychological stress.

Many of the businesswomen I see, either use energy work, exercise and diet as a way to escape the day to day.

We have been taught that this way helps us relax and feel happier… and it can.

And yet, the businesswomen I work with… STILL… cannot relax, sleep, eat well etc

Many do all the mindset and energy work around money… and STILL have dysregulated and struggling physical bodies.

Here is what is different about me as a healer and psychic medium…

Besides reading, translating and relaying energy. I also have experience in personal training, dance, injury rehabilitation, health coaching and studying health academically. And, it has taught me a lot about physical posture, ailments, cognitive processes of the mind, cellular division… and even what financial stress can do.

Or should we say… hidden psychological stress.

The body changes when under duress… which includes

Muscular changes
Which leads to… skeletal issues
And more

It sounds all very scientific and… hidden psychological stress is

However, I LOVE mixing BOTH the energy work, alongside this CRUCIAL scientific side.

Because for years… the physical

Has been taught separately… when it is…


Is it time to enjoy a deeper night’s sleep, skyrocket your confidence and feel joyful

Now you can have it all… inside and out

Trina xx

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